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The Halcyon Caravan

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The Halcyon Caravan


When: Monthly, beginning Saturday, October 9th at 6pm EST


Where: The caravan will be departing from the Limsa Lominsa docks.


Hosted by: Cid Mercer of the Halcyon Adventure Company, Kupo!


Are you an adventurer new to the land of Eorzea, wanting to see more?


Are you a craftsman thirsting for a wider group of consumers to whom you might ply your wares?


Are you an explorer, looking for comrades with whom to see the world?


Then you are cordially invited to join the Halcyon Caravan, hosted by the Halcyon Adventure Company, Kupo!


Once a month, this motley band of adventurers will assemble a great caravan of likeminded friends, allies and interested parties to make the long journey across Eorzea a little easier. Beginning in Limsa Lominsa, you will enjoy a ferry ride (with great fishing!) on your way to the distant deserts of Ul'dah, and from there you can join the march to the beautiful forests of Gridania. Conversation and companionship will make this long journey seem much shorter!


Along the way, the caravan will teach you the tips and tricks they utilize in their own nomadic lifestyle that allow them to traverse the realm with great speed.


If you'd like to see more of the world for any reason, or perhaps see if a road trip is a good way to make some new friends, join the Halcyon Caravan! For more information, company representative Cid Mercer may be reached at the following address...





~OOC notes~


Purpose of event: This monthly event is an excuse to gather up, meet new people, RP with your buddies and see some sights. We will also be stopping at aetheryte crystals along the way so that those who make the trip can warp between Limsa Lominsa, Gridania and Ul'dah, making it that little bit more convenient to find roleplay in the future!


Rules: T for Teen and Don't Be A Dick are our guiding purposes. Don't be starting any fights. This is a friendly, social gathering with a whooooole lot of travel time!


IC and OOC chat are welcome -- just make sure any OOC is (( clearly marked )) so that it can be easily distinguished from the roleplay underway during the journey.

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OOC: Glad it's getting such a warm reception! :D


Now, I know that 6pm EST (or 1800, if y'prefer) is fairly early for our bros out on the west coast, but fear not -- if the timing of this first one proves off, we'll adjust the time for subsequent caravans to make sure that everyone who wants to is able to take part.

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The more the merrier!


If the Silver Anvil want to look at setting up regular escorts for inter-city travel done the long way, we can totally talk about it. We are technically a bunch of sellswords, after all. I don't know how frequent they'd be, since it's a long trip even when you're not trying to RP along the way, but something should be easy enough to come up with. :D

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You may absolutely play games during the run! Just try to keep up, it's a long hike. I seem to recall someone using a ghetto auto-follow during my first run out by targetting me, locking on with the * key and then hitting autorun, so maybe folks will find that a useful way to free up their hands for typing during the trip? ^^


The Halcyon Adventure Company (Kupo!) does not endorse the tickling of gobbues or any other creatures that would eat us up and spit us out. We cannot get paid for our future adventures if we are a fine red mist. Engage in gobbue tickling at your own risk! :o

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As one of the folks who traditionally take point on these things...


Bear in mind that this is a really long run. It takes an hour or so (I didn't clock it exactly) just for the run when you're solo on it, and due to lag and various other factors, you can add about 20-ish minutes to that for a group of people, generally speaking even without RP along the way.


The point being, it's a pretty significant undertaking to caravan like this. On-the-road RP will probably have to be done on-the-run(because not everyone involved is going to have all night to do it), so it's important to plan accordingly. We can stop here and there for disconnects, crashes, and emergency afks, but they really need to be minimized where we can with a group the size we seem to be looking at. The lock-and-autorun method works fairly well for a follow when you're on the road itself, but there are some switchbacks that need manual control. We try to keep track of people falling behind and slow down here and there when it happens, but it looks like we're going to have a fairly large group.


Okay, all that said, there will be opportunity for more relaxed RP, promise. We're planning on stopping to pick up the teleport points at the various camps along the route, and given the amount of time on the road, we'll probably call for a rest period when we hit those points, for five or ten minutes or so. People can get drinks, hit the restroom, and RP a bit. I also plan to call a special rest/RP stop relatively early in the trip, as there is a quite pretty desert valley oasis not far at all from the ferry docks on the Ul'dah side. Kaela will probably opt to make a stop here on the expectation that most people in the caravan are not used to the rigors of crossing a desert and will need a break after they've gotten their first taste of sun-blasted travel.


Given the RP event nature of this run, I'm expecting anywhere from 2 to 4 hours for the whole trip, so it would be best to plan for a pretty full evening. RP and large groups of people tend to multiply the time these things take quite a bit, and it's already a lengthy trip.

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That estimate seem about right -- tonight's second trial run took about an hour and fifteen minutes, without any stops. So adding stops on for roleplay and people crashing or falling behind, two to two and a half hours seems pretty much spot on.


Do note, we're going to begin gathering at 6pm/1800 EST -- we probably won't be leaving on the first ferrytastic leg of our journey until 6:30/1830, to allow people a chance to show up.

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Additionally, we will be removing the proposed oasis stop from the list. it is literally right outside the ferry (my memory was a little fuzzy) and this time was populated by not an insignificant number of aggro beasties. Fine to run through, but a bad place to have an RP stop. Therefore, after we've wrapped up the RP stop on the ferry/at the docks, we'll push on straight to the first camp.


It is almost exactly ten minutes of travel between each stop, which makes for a comfortable set of stages. Cid used our ghetto auto-run technique most of the way, so there seems to be facility for people to type on the road. We'll be providing means to allow participants to interact reliably during the trip as a result. there are a few areas it hiccups, so people will have to stay alert for those, but it should be okay for freeing the hands a bit.

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It's nearly time!


I am running out for a quick, early dinner, but just in case, I have given Taja Dal invitation privileges on the Caravan LS. So if you would like to join the Caravan LS to keep in touch with everyone during the trek (totally optional!) and I'm not back yet, for whatever reason, just ask her really nice!

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From an administrative angle, at least, there's not a lot to say. It was very easy to organize and did what it was supposed to do: give RPers an excuse to congregate and play on the run. I hear tell fun was had, and I know fun was had afterwards for sure, since the HACK guides had an Afterparty Leve Party that may well become a new tradition after future caravans. :moogle:

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