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As the title suggests I shall be returning to ff14 after quite a lengthy hiatus however due to my long absence i am ignorant of the many things that have transpired both rp and system wise so if some can alleviate some of my queries it will be much appreciated


-How is the rp doing overall

-How is the economy

-Have there been changes to class stats/armor that are making things easier or more difficult

-How are Primals (guess this is more on the difficulty side i sorta stopped playing around the time i finally beat titan ex which prolly took me 2 weeks :/)

-Dps queue's any better (already under the assumption they are not)

-Lore (This is pertaining to any lore from the leviathan patch and beyond and beyond story wise, ill find the side stuff as i play along)

-Are boss attacks more feasible to avoid (pertaining more to primals and coil mostly)

-I expect a rough start given how long I been gone, any time frame as to how long i can get my character up to date gear wise? (just an estimate, I main a Dragoon)


And lastly are there any guilds that have are rather balanced with pve/rp? If not i do not mind just finding a guild that does both will help me get back into the swing of things faster. Welp thats it, if all these questions could be answered I would greatly appreciate it however if not any little bit will help, thanks again and see you all ff14


P.S: I will prolly be on within a week until then ill probably remake my character bio.

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The Rp is doing fine, least far as I know. Then again, I'm usually pretty swamped throughout the week with RP and other events -- so I'm not sure how others feel. Economy -- eh, you have to learn how to make money, there is tricks of the trade -- tough question. Class stats really haven't changed, they did an echo buff for raiding and primals. Other than minor server lag, I'm not sure how to answer primals. Plenty of lore. Sorry these are short answers -- just keeping it simple. DPS is still hurting because there is a huge shortage of tanks and healers. With ninja coming out, it'll be worse - but that's just how MMOS go. Let's see. I don't know about RP and PVE FCs, I know we are one of them. Not sure how many are left to be honest on Balmung. I'd say check the linkshells page on that.


Hope I answered it adequately.

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The Rp is doing fine, least far as I know. Then again, I'm usually pretty swamped throughout the week with RP and other events -- so I'm not sure how others feel.


I'm having a freakin' blast with rp. Can't answer the other questions, but for that one it's definitely doing well for me!

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Alright cool seems like I should be "Ok" when I jump back in I am just dreading getting geared up again hopefully things will go smoothly in that department. Ill take a wander through the linkshells and yeah when I saw the ninja i was like :D but then I remembered the queue and went :/ but aside from that i will lore monger around and pay attention to plot when I get back in thanks for the quick run down

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As long as you manage to cap soldiery every week, you shouldn't have too many problems gearing up. All it takes is running one 'Expert' Roulette each night and you'll probably find yourself catching up in ilevel pretty quickly.


Atma grinding though is the bane of my existence and may take you a while depending on how lucky you are.

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You also no longer need philosophy tomes. If you have some on you, you can get them converted into myth. All level 50 dungeons drop myth instead of philosophy now.


Atma is basically a way to 'level up' your Relic Zenith into something better. First you gather up 12 Atmas for your Zenith, then you have to grind up myth to make your weapon better and eventually make it into an Animus.


Or you can just bypass it entirely and get weapons from other content like Leviathan Extreme or the second portion of Coil.

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