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New Balmung RPer - PkThunda

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Hello there!

I am PkThunda, though most just call me Pk.


While I got FF XIV as a pre-order, I've only just really gotten to start playing the game. Financial difficulties, a wedding, a big move, and friends who game-hop constantly prevented any dedicated play until now.

I now play both FF on Balmung, as well as World of Warcraft on Wyrmrest Accord.


I currently play two characters, a Roegadyn marauder named Burning Edge and a low level Miqo'te pugilist/weaver named Z'zhumii Umi.

Currently, I am only ready to roleplay Umi as I am more interested in leveling Edge as a main/tank.


I am a medium-heavy roleplayer looking for mature, casual, and/or plotline roleplay- while I lead a lot of RP on WoW, I'm not yet comfortable enough with FF's lore to head anything just yet.


I'm an artist, and I take commissions from time to time.

My character wiki profiles are/will be full of drawings instead of screenschots- at least until I can get some half decent RP gear.


My signature has Umi's profile linked to her name, and Burning Edge is soon to follow.



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Helloooo, welcome to Balmung! It's good to have you here! :D I'm glad to RP or chit-chat anytime, so feel free to send a tell or say hello if you see me around in-game!

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