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Hi all :=)  So erm, not much of an introduction but I've been lurking for a few days now thanks to Otto Vann.  He was the one who showed me this website after our RP argument in Ul'Dah (not sure if anyone saw that other than Coatleque).


So let's see... I've been playing FF14 for a few months but subscribed somewhere near the time of the PS3 launch.  I've been on and off again because I didn't really have any drive to play FF14 until now.  Just started rp'ing and it has been fun. 


More often than not you'll see me on Balmung's server in Ul'Dah, walking around and watching the whole rp scene.  I do like to jump into rp but I normally just watch as I'm always afk'ing here and there due to rl stuf :=) 


My character is usually playing the Bard role (actually, she has to, since that's the only job I have for her >.>;)


Hmmm, what else...


I like pie.

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Welcome!  Here at the RPC we do not discriminate against people for enjoying their dessert of choice.

*Pulls pie back out of hiding and keeps eating it, smiling* :D

...it's not pumpkin. Or banana cream. Or cherry...



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Thank you for the warm response everyone :=)  Personally, I like cheesecake pie... which isn't pie at all XP 


@Berrod Armstrong:  Yes, I've seen you around here and there.  Were you at you Miss Faye's FC Housing rp event in the last two weeks or so too?  I was there as well and we might've pass by each other too.

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