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A'kyri: I'm new!

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Ohayo! I'm new to FFXIV and Balmung server. From what I gathered, it's one of the more RP heavy ones. I've played so many MMOs from WoW to ESO, but I think I might be settling down here. Heavy RP is a big part of what an MMO means to me, and I'd love to meet like minded players. I'd almost like a talented mentor to help me transition into this wonderful new lore. Please, message me in game (A'kyri Jhed) or here. At least I think I got the Seekers of the Sun Miqo'te naming conventions right!

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Welcome aboard!


Feel free to visit the sections of the site that display Linkshells. They often give interesting RP opportunities.


Feel free to check out the Night Blades LS thread in particular!



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Welcome to RPC! I hope you enjoy both the game and the RP


Perhaps Kage will meet your character if she's in Ul'dah. I would say it used to be super easy to find him (how many goatee-bearing Lalafell perched on the Quicksand railing? NONE BUT ONE) but... circumstances have changed. He's taller and got extra appendages that a Lalafell never ever had to worry about. Other Lalafell upstarts took over his railing :P


... then again Ul'dahn politics might make Kage unavailable...

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Hey there, welcome to Balmung and the RPC! It's good to have you here! Your character is adorable :D I'm happy to role-play anytime, so feel free to say hello if you see me around, and I'm glad to answer any questions.

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well A'kyri, if you are interested in RPing with some folks who enjoy heavy roleplay, The Grand Watch is recruiting, we are a Good aligned Heavy RP/PvE FC be0st ways to apply are In game, checking out our page here, or applying on our enjin page here



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Oh hi there and welcome. Are you interested in becoming friends with the coolest, friendliest bard in the world!?


First and foremost... never trust a bard! Rule number one of Eorzea! Everyone knows that!! :3


Secondly, Welcome! You're character is super cute! If you see me around don't hesitate to just walk up and emote! I won't! Expect it if you see me :)


Welcome to the forums, if you're looking for something a little different please check out Rendezvous of Stars!


Most importantly... I hope you have fun!

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