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Hello all! I finally decided to sign up (I might have been lurking. Shh.) I'm fairly new to the game and RPing -- on a game, anyway, but I hope to meet some of you. :)


A little about myself: As I've already said, I'm new to the game and this kind of Roleplay but I'm really looking to get into it proper. I'm actually also new to MMOs (I won't count DCUO lol) I'm relatively shy talking with new people for the first time, but I'm friendly and enjoy chatting.


I'm over on Balmung and I'm on most nights (UK time, but I'm an owl so it doesn't really matter.) I hope to see some of y'all around!

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Hello there, Razz, and welcome to FFXIV, Balmung, and the RPC! It's good to have you here. :D FFXIV is only my second MMO myself and thus only my second time role-playing in one, but it's really fun and you'll settle in soon enough. I'm always glad to role-play or chat so feel free to say hello if you see me around!

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Hi Razz! Welcome to Balmung and the RPC :) What sort of RP have you done in the past? 


Let me know if you have any questions! I've only just started RPing in FFXIV regularly, but I did a lot of RP in WoW and TOR so I'm always willing to help out :) Would love to RP with you sometime!

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