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ANOTHER new person! Yaay!


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Hello everyone! I just started playing FFXIV, and i feel like trying out the RP here.

I'm not so new to RP itself, but I hardly know anything about the final fantasy universe, as i've only played the beginning of FFX.


I would love if anyone could show me the ropes and help me out with a bit of lore, so i don't massivly screw up when i actually start RPing.


I usually play on Balmung at the moment, because i heard it's supposed to be the easiest place to find RP. And I'm trying to study the lore as good as i can without my attention span running out.


Hope to have an awesome first month with you people!

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Welcome to the RPC and FFXIV! The community here is amazing so I think you'll enjoy it on Balmung.


As for lore it's a little sketchy with so many holes and gray areas. I would suggest pinpointing what you need for your character's race and background so you don't wear yourself out. I normally don't go out of my way to research lore unless I encounter it in RP and want to be more knowledgeable the next time I'm around it. As much as I like knowing lore it's a little bit of a bore for me to just sit and read everything at once.


If you are a miqo'te I can help with that I'm pretty knowledgeable with both clans any other race and I'm useless. Feel free to find me in game and I can help you out.

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Hey there, welcome to Balmung and the RPC! It's good to have you here and I hope you enjoy yourself! If you'd like to learn some basic lore, you can check out the Wiki portion of this website, it's quite useful. Otherwise, let us know if you have any lore questions! I'm happy to chat or role-play anytime, so feel free to approach or send a /tell if you see me around.

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Please don't feel too worried about the lore. It's actually quite easy to digest (in my opinion), and as Rinette mentioned, there are a lot of holes in it. The forums are a great resource, and we have a lot of people who are helpful. On that note, please feel free to send me a tell in-game if you'd like to chat, RP, or discuss lore.

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Welcome to the forums. We're glad to have you here!


Please enjoy your complimentary Tonberry smily, just because it's amazing and woefully underutilized:



Feel free to hit me up if you'd like to roleplay! My character is named M'sato Tia, and he's associated with the Nightblades Free Company. I apologize in advance because M'sato is the jerkiest jerk to have ever jerked and has ended up being a danged Tsundere. Still, he tends to get good and honest reactions from people that can lead to some development, even if said development is your character learning how to want to punch someone in their stupid, fat face.


If you have questions about Lore, I and any number of people on the forums would be ecstatic to help! ArmachiA and Liadanswhisper are both more active than I am and know a LOT about lore. They're also pretty good peeps who will give it to you straight.


Also, here are some links on lore that might come in handy so that you can look up things that might interest you!


The Lore Section of the Lodestone Official Forums. Spoilers may happen. Be warned.


A Really Nice General Timeline of Eorzian History. I suggest looking through the full thread, as new lore has come up which needs to be added in. At some point, I'll probably end up doing that part myself in a thread to post on these forums (with props to the OP of this thread)


A Video Story Guide of FFXIV 1.0 that goes into detail on what happened before A Realm Reborn.


I hope that some of these help, and maybe I'll see you in-game!














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This is the third time i try to post a respond...

I'm glad so many people responded and i'm looking forward to maybe meeting some of you. A problem might be the time zones, since i live in sweden. But i'm a nocturnal person anyway, so hopefully there won't be too much of a problem.


Now to try and post this...


(Edit) Ehrmagerd! It worked!!! Finally!

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Welcome to Balmung! I hope you have fun!


I know there is a good EU population on the server, so hopefully you will find some good RP no matter what hours you play. :)

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Welcome! I'm an EU player myself and I rarely have trouble finding RP. You could also make a post in the 'making connections' thread if you'd like to have a go at finding players who are closer to your timezone.


You might also check out Europa (sp?) as they are a friendly EU based LS.


Feel free to ask if you need help with anything or want to RP. Have fun! :)

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I would love to meet some of you. But as i think i've written before (Or maybe that was one of the failed attempts to post earlier...) I'm still trying to get the hang of the games mechanics. I still don't know if there's a friends list or anything. And i don't even know which chat modes work in what way. But i'm trying to get it right, so hopefully i'll be all set up soon.


Once again, thanks for all the replies!

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