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Saying hi.

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Deciding to try this out because my good friend Warren Castille is something of a regular here.


Be gentle to me!


I'm a 50 MNK, 44 DRG on Balmung server. Keep meaning to level other stuffs but life keeps getting in the way. I'm an active member in the Grindstone and L'Atelier pearls, and a lurker in the No More Heroes pearl as well. I am a member of the Nightblades scion FC.


Gear-wise, still pretty noob at ilvl 89. I like RP and hanging out more than achieving, but I have other characters where I drive harder to gear up. But this one is my RP main at the moment. I'm looking forward to posting here more as my IRL job permits... I don't have a lot of internet access except when I'm at home, and then I tend to be in FFXIV!


Hopefully everyone's patient with me as I grapple around here on the forums. Looking forward to reading (and participating in) some fun RP stuffs.

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Jancis got to meet Howl at the last Grindstone. Another tough face that likes to be in pain and not accept healing... oi.


He is so Warren's wing-man and bro from the couple times I've bumped into him.


Also, don't fall for him; I noticed that ladies get shot down fast regardless of how nice they are.


Welcome to the forum. I cannot keep up either with these crazy writers. Pro-tip Have Warren fill you in as much as possible because a lot of the stories here will be referred to in-game!

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! I'm already hopelessly behind on posts but that's okay. And Jancis, pretty sure nobody's fallen for me, I seem to have an ugly mug. Warren's the chick-magnet of the two of us.


Looking forward to getting my feet wet with some RP on here soon!

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Gentle with you!!?! :evil:


*shoots Scorpion spear hook* :bomb: "GET OVER HERE!.... and RP!" :bomb:


Welcome Howl :)


I'm pretty new to the HRC also, and I'm already loving this community. You will do just fine here. Unless... you forgot to bring the cookies...

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