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New to FFXIV and looking for companions

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Hello, I'm a newbie on Balmung looking to meet people in the local RP community. 


I'm a long time RPer starting back in 1999 with Everquest and most recently Aion.

I've made a few characters during the tiny window of opportunity in the early morning hours but I've only played one so far.


Send me a tell if your bored or passing by. :D 


Solen Glass

Level 7 Miqo'te Pugilist

currently wandering in Ul'dah, staring at people and shiny objects.


<a href=15edb473-fb87-45e0-98b0-fca65820f918_zps3dfb25fa.png" />

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Hello there, welcome to the game and the RPC, it's good to have you here! :D I'm always happy to role-play, so feel free to approach or send a /tell if you catch me around in-game.

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I have a couple characters that linger around Ul'dah now and then, so if you see any of them *points at names in sig* feel free to send me a Friend Request!


Some of them I'm still getting started with and getting direction RP wise with who they are exactly, but for the most part I know enough if you ever need an RP partner during some downtime. Also, if you need someone for low level dungeons and I happen to be online, go ahead and give me a shout! I'm getting my characters through them as well and I know how frustrating Duty Finder can be at times when you're going it alone and have to wait on others.


Hope to see you around sometime! >^.^<

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Im now s level 61 machinist, 63 samurai and 51 dragoon !  

Pm me in game as Daigan Vash on balmung, ill send a tell to those who have replied so far.

Im trying to get through stormblood now, heavensward took a week to complete.


Yes i am obsessed with the game.

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