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*Tips Hat* Hello! (Balmung)


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Hello! Perhaps some of you already spotted me wandering through Eorzea, or idling inside the Quicksand, but never actually posted anything here until today. Not entirely new to the FFXIV community, but first time I decided to show my face here in the forums.


Got only one character (Leanne), and...maybe I will create some more at a later time, but not in the plans. :P (Leveling is a pain..)


I grew up a love for the Balmung community, with my dealings with several people who nowadays are now very dear friends. I hope that through the forums, I can make even more! :D


That and...I can have a wiki for Leanne. Awesome!


Very well, that's pretty much I have to say! Don't be afraid to PM if you wish, or send me a tell through the game. Or even better, poke a certain Sekker using a fancy hat for a chat! The choice is yours. ;)


*Tips hat and walks out!*

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Hello, M'la--err, hello, welcome to the RPC! It's good to have you here! :D I'm glad to chat or role-play, so feel free to approach or send a /tell if you see me around in-game!

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