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Dream Avatar Your Character

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So, it's near 2:30 am (I'm a creepy-crawly shh) and I am BORED.

When I get bored, I tend to drift over to that side of the internet filled with doll makers, but I recently remembered that Gaia online dream avatar maker!




If you are bored as well, because this is gonna take you a good 30 minutes to sift through, make your character on the doll maker here and post it up!


Here is Z'zhumii Umi


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ALRIGHT.  I just spent an hour and a half on this, but here's the results!


Miounne~ the elezen marauder




Queenie~ the lalafellan black mage (whom in-game I have about 6 outfits for)

25qahqg.png zxwm1h.png 21o0tpe.png


Making these really made me think about how she would look if a) she were hyur and b) if she were able to layer so many more things together.  xD

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