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Looking For RP - Answers in a Linkshell

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Aimed at those looking for RP connections, or just new to Balmung


In response to various asks for RP connections I thought I would scan the Linkshells from this forum and pull out a sample of Linkshells available.



I hope this helps.


I have stuck to the general/open non FC shells and left out those with specific induction or FC requirements.


RP - General/Looking For

Europa (EU RPers)  LINK

Open RP (RP connections)  LINK


RP - Location/Event

Lominsan Society  (Limsa based RP)  LINK

Piquant Pumpkin Cafe (RP Tavern/Event)  LINK

The Quicksand Appreciation Society (Tavern)  LINK


RP - Race/Role

Broken Chairs (Roegadyn only)  LINK

The Courtesan Coalition (Courtesans only)  LINK

The Lynxshell (Seekers - Lynx tribe only)  LINK


PvE - worth a mention

Balmung's Finest  (PvE) LINK

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