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The Dream Team!

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This is another prompt in the same vein as my last one concerning Dissidia. This one is actually pretty similar however I'm extending the scope a bit to include more than just Final Fantasy games (though rules is rules and you'll see why).


In this prompt, the name of the game is to create a Party, but YOU get to pick who is involved. There's a few outlines to the whole thing though.


1. The party must be at least four characters (including your own) and no more than 5 (including your own).


2. At least one party member MUST be from a previous Final Fantasy game. This can include but is not limited to spin-offs (though 'Final Fantasy' must be in the title of said game, i.e. 'Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles'). ALL characters, however, must be from Traditional-style RPGs (sorry, No Master Chiefs or Gods o' War :thumbsup: )


3. For each character you chose outside of your own you must describe what their relationship over the course of the game would be like. A general idea of how they feel about each other when they first meet, how this changes over the course of the story, and then how they feel about each other by the end of the game. (For bonus points, say how they would work together in battle.)


4. The characters that are not your own must have been playable at some point in their respective games. (Seifer Almasy would be OK, but Kuja would not be, for example.)


Feel free to throw in any more details, especially about WHY you chose that particular character for the party, how they would add to the group dynamic and the like. Have fun with it and let your imagination wander! :moogle:

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Here is my own personal team.


1. Crooked Tarot (Original Character) - Acting as the party's [Thief]. High Agility and excellent critical hits, low defense, all that jazz. He would most likely be the main PC of the game since he insists on being in the spotlight and has a flair for the dramatic.


2. Seifer Almasy (Final Fantasy 8) - Acting as the party's [Warrior], he'd be the heavy hitter. Tarot and he would likely start off incredibly rocky since Tarot would enjoy lording over him that he's not only older (and thus smarter and better) than Seifer, but would love to prod at his pride and insecurities. Eventually, I believe that Tarot would soften since he IS younger, and likely at some point would have his ass saved by Seifer which would endear him to the guy. By the end, definitely a mutual (if vaguely antagonistic) friendship would form--probably more like brothers.


3. Angelo (Dragon Quest 8) - Acting as the party's [Healer]. What can I say about Angelo? Tarot and he would likely be brothers-in-snark, without a doubt, especially when it comes to Seifer. Tarot and Angelo would likely start off appreciating each other's cleverness and it would just build from there. Tarot's own dislike of flirts might keep them from developing anything deep for a while though. By the end, they would certainly be excellent friends.


4. Jansen Friedh (Lost Odyssey) - Acting as the party's [Magic DPS]. They would annoy the hell out of each other. To the point where the player would likely wonder why they are even in a party together. Between Jansen's complaining getting under Tarot's skin, and Tarot's vicious replies to said complaining, they likely wouldn't have much in the way of kind words between them. It would probably be because Jansen is useful to Tarot that he keeps him around, and likely because of plot reasons that Jansen sticks around. Jansen would likely be the one to come to Seifer's defense if only because Tarot is set against him. By the end, I see them on speaking terms with mutual respect but it would still be tentative at best.

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I love these game-related prompts. Dream teams are one of my hobbies. :P


Okio, let's have a gander at what Averill's party might look like:


Averill Rooks (Original Character) - I think Averill would fill the role of Support, keeping the pressure off his allies with long-distance attacks and maybe some other survivalist abilities like on the fly first aid. Not a dedicated healer, but certainly someone who could drag you out of a pinch.


Alfred "Alvin" Vint Svent (Tales of Xillia) - With his massive blade and heavy armor, Alvin easily fills the role of Tank. He takes the hits and dishes them back out, only harder. His relationship to Averill would probably be something of a drinking buddy. They'd talk shop over a few pints, maybe go out on a joint venture or two. Averill would keep him at arm's length from any sensitive secrets, at least at the start of their friendship. At the end of whatever journey brings them together, they'd be the two back-to-back against a myriad of foes.


Raine Sage (Tales of Symphonia) - What's a band of misfits without a voice/fist of reason to slap them into seriousness? A stern demeanour and no-nonsense personality brings Raine to the fore as the team's Healer. She patches up the wounds - and maybe creates a few of her own - in her efforts to keep the lads in shape. Her love of ancient history would draw her to the wandering group, and her relationship to Averill would most likely be a meeting of two keen minds in a pursuit of knowledge - for what is knowledge, if not the stories of our past? Outside of that, his laid-back attitude and cavalier approach to life would evoke more than a little ire from her.


Yuffie Kisaragi (Final Fantasy VII) - On the other side of that coin is the goofy profiteer, rounding out the team's DPS. Set to antagonize a rational Raine and enable the other two, she'd laugh and joke with the best of them. Her motivations would draw her, like Alvin, away from the group on occasion and bring about some measure of suspicion, but her loyalty to her friends would win through when it came down to the wire.


There's my team! Hope you enjoy it.

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1: Dogberry - Because yeah. Party's lancer and captain of their ship, since every party needs one.


2: Tifa Lockheart (FF7) - Because she's a bonafide badass, can knock your ass out six ways from sunday, serves up a mean drink. Useful for the bar on Syldra's Revenge.


3: Minato Arisato (Persona 3) - The group needs a magic badass. What's a better source of magic than Jungian psychology being blown out of your head with a techno gun thing?


4: Sharla (Xenoblade Chronicles) - Sharla really bucks the gentle healer stereotype of most RPGs. For one, she carries around what looks like a Barret M82a1 .50 Caliber sniper rifle. She'll shoot through a tank to heal you. Not a Paladin kind of tank. An Abrams.

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Form Party!


1. Sounsyy Mirke (Original) - Sounsyy would fill the Tank role for the group and the main protagonist slot. She would likely lead them as Resistance fighters for some cause.


2. Freya Crescent (FFIX) - Freya is probably my favorite incarnation of the FF dragoon. She deals DPS while high above the field of battle and she can also use Dragon Magic. Reis's Wind and White Draw make great supportive skills. As for play-through, Freya would most likely be close friends and allies with Sounsyy. They both have tragic losses and a love for their destroyed home countries.


3. Norah Nox (Child of Light) - Norah is another DPS/Support. She's a deadly swordswoman, but her true strength lies in her buffing magic. Her ability to Hasten all party members and prevent us from being interrupted for several turns is invaluable. On a character level she would provide some conflict. She tries to have a good heart and aid those less fortunate, but ultimately sees their efforts as in vain. She may end up betraying and leaving the party. I would love to see Norah and Sounsyy square off though.


4. Rinoa Heartilly & Angelo (FFVIII) - The party's healer. Rinoa is a courageous Rebellion leader from VIII and would fit right in with Sounsyy and her goals. Her blaster edge provides additional ranged DPS, but her main draw is her curative and enhancing magic. (Can you tell I really like to keep my Parties buffed in RPGs?) Her crazy sorcery powers are also nice for when healing isn't yet necessary and you just want to nuke everything! Also Angelo is a nice help. Who doesn't love a big fluffy dog on the battlefield?

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Ryoko (me!) - The healer. Ryoko doesn't really try to push the party in any particular direction. She's just happy to have friends who are brave and go on adventures! She does keep an eye out for 'treasure' at all times, though. 


Setzer Gabbiani (FFVI) - Aside from his constant role of bringing sexy back, Setzer is the group's utility/damage dealer. He is the de facto leader of the group, who act as crew aboard his airship, the Blackjack. His primary motivator is searching for wealth and competition, which is what drew Ryoko to him in the first place. For him, she is an easy source of an ego boost, as he can always dazzle her with even the simplest of card tricks. 


Gilder (Skies of Arcadia) - The physical damage dealer. Surviving the wreckage of the Claudia, Gilder found himself without an airship and in dire need of money. As an experienced air pirate, he was soon approached by Setzer to pilot the Blackjack. With no better prospects in sight, Gilder jumped at the opportunity. Ever the lecher, Gilder made no reservations in expressing his interest toward Ryoko, despite her young age. But then, for Gilder, propositioning a young lady was like saying hello. 


Nina of Windia (Breath of Fire II) - The black-winged angel and exiled princess of Windia, Nina acts as the group's mage and secondary healer. With the potential to flatten cities, but too timid to wield such power, Nina's true strength only comes out in the most dire of circumstances. However, her unbreakable will allows her to keep flinging spells long after the rest of the part has hit the floor. She convinced Setzer to bring her on the journey so that she might search new lands for a way to break the curse on her sister. She's constantly fending off advances from Gilder, of course. She loves Ryoko's company, as it reminds her of the innocence that she lost long ago. 


Rinpu (Breath of Fire II) - The tank. Rinpu tagged along with Nina for the adventure because, hey, how often do you get to ride an airship? She was pretty fond of Ryoko right off the bat, with the two being surprisingly similar (and now I'm wondering if I subconsciously based Ryoko on Rinpu...) Of course, like the other girls, Rinpu found herself frequently the subject of Gilder's attention. However, she was a bit quicker to turn to violence than the other two... But who can blame the guy when she never wears pants? 


I wanted to get Sazh (ff13) in here, but he has the same combat style as Gilder so I had to exclude him for the sake of party composition. I also spent a lot of time trying to put someone from Baiten Kaitos in here, but I realized that while I absolutely love the game, I didn't really care for any of the playable characters... I did originally have Carth Onasi from KOTOR, but he seemed out of place. Anyway, that's my list.

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I am not too clear on what you mean by "Traditional-style RPG" since I Googled it and see nothing that defines that term. However, I will do my best.


Kiht Jakkya (My character): A lancer; the party's Melee DPS. Knowing her, she may very well fall into a leadership role. Kiht would likely turn them into a group that fights for good causes. A special force to deal with great dangers.


Yuna (Final Fantasy 10): Surprised no one has chosen her yet. She would be the party's healer, and her summonings could really come in handy. First impression might make Kiht doubt her at first. Kiht would probably think she is weak in the beginning. However, Yuna's bravery and faith would win Kiht over. Kiht would likely grow a lot of respect for Yuna.


Alistair (Dragon Age: Origins): Not sure if DA:O constitutes a traditional-style RPG, but I don't see why not. He would be the party's tank. He may not be the most bad-ass character, but he is very much a type of character that Kiht would like. He is good, and sticks to a code of morals even to a fault. Kiht may find him a bit petty at times, but a few argument spats are likely all that will result. In the end, she would probably enjoy his humor and code of honor.


Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy 7): Every party needs a bad-ass, and he would be ours. I guess his abilities would fall under ranged DPS? His lone-wolf mentality and stoic/broody nature would make him the most difficult to integrate into the party teamwork. However, Kiht has worked with a few characters like him in the past with surprising success. She would work with him, and relentlessly try to make him feel like part of the team. She would not let his tragic past deter her. He would either come to hesitantly like Kiht, or get very annoyed with her.


Merrill (Dragon Age 2): DA2 may step out of the realm of traditional-style RPG, so that is why I made her the fifth character. Just in case I am not allowed to count her in. If I can keep her, she would be the party's magic DPS. Merrill would look like an Elezen to Kiht, but she would quickly find that they both have a lot in common. Their cultures are somewhat similar, and their way of life would be very similar. While their beliefs would be different, Kiht would respect Merrill's traditions and faith. The only problem that might arise is Merrill's dangerous use of Blood Magic. Kiht would not like it, but also would know little about it. In the end, the two would probably end up spending hours telling stories to each other.

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Neat thread!


Yvelont Navarre - The reluctant party leader, a Serpent ranger skilled with bow and lance.


Minsc (Baldur's Gate II) - A fellow ranger Yvelont chanced upon in the Shroud after having taken a nasty fall and hitting his head. Uncertain how he arrived in Eorzea, he joined up with Yvelont and immediately took a liking to a ground squirrel whom he decided to name Boo. Despite his apparent lack of wits, Yvelont comes in time to consider him a boon companion, appreciating his fervor in battle and his jovial demeanor.


Viki (Suikoden) - By far the strangest of the companions, Viki appeared from out of nowhere in the middle of Thanalan. A magic user skilled in both black and white magic, her spells are powerful but unwieldy, often carrying unexpected effects. Oddly fond of mirrors.


Sabin Rene Figaro (Final Fantasy VI) - Suplexes trains. 'Nuff said. He deigned to join us because he was bored, having run out of trains to slam into the earth. We allowed him to stay out of sheer terror.


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Wemrys Quintos(that's me!): Axe wielder, , and begrudging leader. He claims to be in it for the money, but he has more noble goals at stake.


Blank (Final Fantasy IX): While not a main character in his own game (but still temporarily playable!), Blank would get his time to shine here. As the party His laid back attitude and constant references to being a self-styled ladies man would grind on Wemrys' nerves. Countering that his reliability and brotherly personality would tie the party together in even the toughest of times.


Ashton Anchors (Star Ocean: The Second Story): Fulfilling a second melee DPS role as something of a combination of and by dishing out damage with dual shortswords/knives but also being possessed by a pair of humorous dragons attached to his back who can unleash breath attacks. A very nervous and superstitious character, he would be the conscience of the group. Preventing Wemrys from going too far in his warrior states and keeping the others in the group considering their actions more carefully.


Cheria Barnes (Tales of Graces): Healer of the party fulfilling the role. Mother hen of the group, she would be at odds with Blank quite often and would get frustrated easily with Wemrys' gruff attitude. She would be very protective of Ashton, seeing him as the nervous little brother sort.


Agrias Oaks (Final Fantasy Tactics): The of the party. She would likely join the party as the last member and would stand out as the most noble of the group. She would likely become a psuedo-leader of the group for a time since nobody else was stepping up. Her commanding attitude would likely take the rest of the group by surprise and bring them in line long enough for Wemrys to eventually assume command when the time came.

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