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What I'm looking for in a Free Company.and RP

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I've been on Balmung for about 3 weeks now and the number of active free companies is mind boggling.  So I thought about what I wanted in a free company and decided to ask for advice and suggestions for ones to look into.


a little about me.


Character Name: Daigan Vash

Race: Miqo'te

Gender: Male

Class: 38 Dragoon, 19 Armorsmith, 17 Carpenter


What I'm looking for in a free company


1. Roleplay. Medium to Heavy

2. No OOC drama

3. 18 + age requirement

4. 10 + active members, North America, nothing against EU other than time zone

5. Moqo'te theme would be a plus

6. IC linkshell available.  I didn't convey this very well and I blame a lack of coffee and sleep.


also suggestions for getting involved with the RP community, it just seems strange to walk up to someone on the street and start interacting and I can't just show up with pizza and alcohol.  I attended a HoD tavern night but the walls of text were difficult to keep up with.  Also I have yet to figure out how to make a wiki character profile *chuckles*

<a href=ffxiv_08272014_213701_zps7154f35b.png" />


Thanks for reading =)

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We have no OOC drama, by some of the stuff that goes on we probably should have an 18+ requirement, and we have more then 10 members. That said the Red Wings are the undercover spy unit of the Immortal Flames. We have non-Ul'dahians working with us, but it is primarily a military themed FC. We get a bit crazy on the storylines thanks to our main writers, and out actors are the best. Check us out, and even if you don't want to join, you can at least make some good friends.

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Two things:


1)  Perhaps you should look for an LS that does all IC, because I'm not sure if many FCs actually do everything IC.  =]  Just a suggestion!


2)  My FC (Blood Oath Legion) is 18+ but we do not have an IC only FC chat.  We are medium RP, versus high or low.  We like to attend events together and are a very close group of friends.  You're welcome to msg me for an interview, or we have an LS (again, not completely IC) that we use to discuss events and in-game content with friends from other FCs.

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