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The Kindred's Trading Faire


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Hear ye, Hear ye.


Are you a merchant, a trader or simply someone with more stuff on your hands than you can handle?

Or, are you someone in the mood for striking a bargain?

Perhaps it is time to bring a loved one a gift?

Then come to the Kindred's Trading Faire!


We have 10 stalls for rent, and you can sell whatever you wish. Each stall has a fee of 500 gil, but once that is paid the stall is yours for the day!

Contact Sastra to secure yours! First come first serve.


Each one will no doubt be filled with many interesting and even exotic wares. Throughout the faire, The Kindred's loyal barmaids will serve both drink and food at formidable prices.


The Faire will take place on the Thirteenth Sun of the Fifth Astral Moon, in the front yard of The Kindred Estates, to be found at The Goblet's fourth ward, house number elleven.


See you there!

- The Kindred



OOC Stuff:


Hi guys! Kindred is at it again, and this time we're holding a trading faire on the 13th of September, from 9PM BST and onwards (1pm PST/4pm EST)

We're redecorating our garden for the purpose and will fit in 10-or-so tables for people to stand and sell from - so if you have a character with something to sell, please consider it and let me (Sastra) know icly whenever you can - Either by showing up at the house and asking for her/in-game-mail or an IC PM here on the boards.


Beyond merchants, we're currently also looking for a singing bard or two, maybe some dancers, to provide entertainment throughout the event. If your character is one such, they may have heard a rumor about this and should also contact Sastra.


The event will run 100% on IC items/currency, meaning that no actual items and no actual gil will switch hands. And due to the lack of ourdoor furniture for putting on tables, I would recommend that merchants prepare some emotes for telling what is on their tables.


If you have any questions, please do not be afraid of asking :)

See you there!

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Stall 1: Flael Naberius

Stall 2: Unknown Merchant

Stall 3: Yuki on the behalf of Quin.

Stall 4: Sastra

Stall 5: Reena

Stall 6: Kiam Kaah

Stall 7: Nesi

Stall 8:

Stall 9:

Stall 10: Kindred's Service personell, Food & Drink.

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TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! Or today is the day, depending.


There's 7 hours until go-time :D Hope to see you all there. Traders, you'll be assigned to the tables as you arrive. If anyone needs help with inspiration or what they can sell, let me know :)


Happy shopping!

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