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Seeking possible conflict and/or a brat

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Because I never bothered to make a thread like this before and I finally find myself with free time and in need of something to spend said time on... here is my proposal. 


First being.. I'm willing to make just normal connections, almost welcome. My character isn't really anti social she just doesn't go out to seek random strangers without some cause (even something small as a repair request will do). 


Yes my wiki on the character is more or less correct, the only common knowledge or important information is that she commonly stays in Limsa and is fairly talented with a hammer. Anything else you can read the small novel of a wiki I have and that I need to revive or just ask me. 


Now my other purpose of this thread.. due to some finger pointing and probably a lot of wrong place at the wrong time there is some rumors that float around about the character that could land her in trouble. This being said she also hails from Ishgard and would be considered an exile more or less.. maybe a lack of better terms. 


I'd love to get a hold of a bounty hunter or maybe someone who is into the business of trying to silence Exiles. I can provide more information on this if you are interested. 


So I'll stop rattling on now and provide information as I'm asked for it. ^^;




part two of the title:

Been toying at the idea of taking some street rat under her wing for a while. Like either some brat (or teen really) that either is getting into trouble or tries to pickpocket the character. Or a number of other options are really out there for this. More or less it was a plan I had for the character and I have reasons as to why she can't / never will have kids of her own so...


Though for this I am leaving it open to being in game or on the forums. I don't think too many run about as teens or kids in the game.

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I have a character that I have never 'really' RP'd that I had plans to be a really successful bounty hunter. I never, for a long time, thought that I'd actually try to RP him again but I must admit I am curious to hear about your plans for such a thing. He wouldn't have any specific knowledge or motives lying around Ishgard or it's exiles but noteworthy coin is all the motive he needs.

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C'kayah - we should talk :P I should probably message you now that I had a moment to read this thread. 


K'nahil - it would be noteworthy enough. It's a bit of a different twist I had in mind for it. My character wouldn't be the typical target that is overly powerful in a fight. I'll for sure write out some details and message you. :3 


edit: also updating the first post just so I don't make a new thread with another idea I've been toying at for a while.

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Leilani is a 15 year old! She isn't really a brat and isn't really a street rat (she has a massive, massive family :V), but if she tumbles into your character and detects even the slightest hint that Salvius has been adventuring, she WILL incessantly follow Salvius around trying to wring every drop of legendary story out of her due to her 'job' as an 'aspiring bard'.


My schedule is slightly clusterfucked though. :V So sometimes I have trouble getting in game on a consistent basis.

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Well the teen or kid or what not didn't have to be a street rat or anything. Just figured that might be the easier or more played role for kids (calamity and all I do remember somewhere reading a thread about outcasts or those who were orphaned). 


Also no worries on your times and such. ^^ I kinda have random times myself due to two little ones. Though I'd love to message you more about the character if you were interested. Can't say she'd get many tales though :P maybe tall ones but the character tends to avoid putting her neck on the line when she's given the option.

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