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Ahyin says hello!


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Hello good folks, I'm new to the game and thought I'd drop by to say hi and spy all the things:angel: 

I'm still very oblivious to most lore and struggling to absorb the most I can. I'll probably do some light to medium rp at first, and dedicate more time to it later when I feel more comfy with my char and game knowledge. Also I like meself some good pve.


I've been through some mmorpgs by now, and I always liked the roleplay aspect best. At first I didn't get to do much rp as I was a kid on some f2p underdog titles, only got to do some guild story telling times and such, but decided to give it a more serious try in 2012 with Tera and it proved to be a wonderful experience.

Been wanting to try FFXIV pretty much since launch but life has been pretty hectic for the past year with simultaneous college and work, but now I'm finally out of college and taking a year break from stuff so I have the time to spend on a game.



I'll be playing Ahyin'sae Hashnyvahr, he's a friendly goofball wanderer, if you see me in game it's ok to say hi or play a prank on him :bouncy:

Currently working on his character wiki page, and hoping to do some artz around what events may unfold :thumbsup:



Hoping to see you all in game,


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