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Rila attempts to art


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Hello Eorzeans. I am I'rila Xanh, a compulsive crafter and fledgling artist that currently resides on Balmung.

My work in the past have generally consisted of mechanical pencil sketches, though I did get a Wacom tablet last week, so you'll also see a couple of awkward-looking color portraits here and there.


In addition to showcasing my art, I'm also hoping to gauge the community's level of interest should I decide to open up commissions. Feedback, critical and otherwise, is much appreciated.


Thanks, and enjoy!



A few FFXIV pencil portraits:



My own I'rila Xanh:




The lovely Isilrael Geissfyrwyn:



My favorite retainer:



Johanna Mason from the Hunger Games, which I used a photo reference for:




Two full-body sketches of non-FFXIV RP characters. The first one's an outfit design for a character I've had for years and years:




And the next one is a similar sketch I did for a friend. Please note that I was provided photo references for the armor and did NOT design it myself:




Finally, here are the awkward looking color portraits I did on my new Wacom tablet, which I'm not entirely comfortable with yet (due in part to being terrible at using color) :


My own I'rila Xanh:



The lovely Isilrael Geissfyrwyn:




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Thanks for the input so far everyone!


It's been just over twenty-four hours, and while I only got one reply that explicitly mentioned commissions, there was a good handful of positive feedback. So, most likely, I'll repurpose this thread to be a commissions queue at some point in the near future.


In the meantime, have an old Puzzle Pirates-inspired drawing from a few years back:



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