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[align=center]Every Sworn a Paladin, but not all Paladins Sworn...[/align]


For those who are unclear about the current lore between the two:

  • The Sultansworn Order is the brotherhood of Knights who are sworn to protect the House of Ul, the Sultanate of Ul'dah. These Knights are collectively called Paladins.
  • The Free Paladins are adventurers who were trained in the combat style of the Sultansworn Order, but who do not swear fealty to the current liege of Ul'dah.


Sultanswarm is an in-character Linkshell devoted to all characters who role-play being either a member of the Sultansworn of Ul'dah, or a Free Paladin. It is also open to new initiates or Paladins who decide to leave the Order. We are all still Paladins after all!


If interested, please contact any of the following in-game for an invite:

(in alphabetical order)

  • Anelia Sadowyn
  • Coatleque Crofte
  • Shas Tarry
  • Warren Castille

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(( October Update ))

The Linkshell is still active. While things tend to be quiet on the Free Paladin side, the Sworn are fairly active in relaying orders to each other. We also have officers from the Flame Yatagahns and Red Wings to facilitate cross-branch communication to the Immortal Flames when necessary.

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(( November Update ))

Linkshell is still active, of course! (though mostly quiet, I hope to change that)

Welcome to everyone who has joined.


There has been a recent shift in membership due to some RP events, but the Sultansworn are still undaunted.


Relaxing Membership

I know I've been a little tight in inviting people since I started this LS. I'm going to relax that restriction. If anyone has a Free Paladin or Sworn IC Character and still wants an invite, send me a tell in-game. My reasoning? All Paladins have technically been through the Sworn's training. As such, they should all have this LS by default.

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I have an alt, who is a Free Paladin trainee, who I would like to develop and/or play more often. Would there be a spot for him? His name is Liuthas Corwell, but at the moment I'm most often on Aghurlal Qar'akimusun (or, ofc, contactable by PMs). Thank you!


ETA: Have received invite; thank you!!

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