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MaiArt ☆ [Commissions Open / Art Revamped]


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I just got hit with a massive (and unexpected) bill from a debt collection agency for hundreds of dollars, so I'm going to open myself up for commissions again as it's a bit of an emergency situation, haha. oTL oTL 


A couple of disclaimers: please pay in advance! Too often have I sketched something out for someone only to have them back out and not pay me for my artwork time. I will work with you to ensure you get something that's at least close to what you want, and will send multiple progress sketches. Just please be patient with me, as I'm working on a broken tablet that's very fickle about when it does and does not work! Regardless, I'll keep in good communication about your place in whatever queue I may have, and the progress I've made on your request.


Prices are based on the time and effort involved in the listed media. I accept payments through PayPal and can PM you with my info when I'm ready to start on your commission. (If you chose the "Pay for Goods and Services" option in PayPal, please also include the "tax" so that I'm paid the full asking price.) If you'd like a commission of your character, please give me plenty of well-lit reference shots, preferably from different angles.


Thank you for your consideration! ♥


Commission Queue








Digital Sketch

Portrait: $20

Half-body: $25

Full or 3/4ths Body: $30


Digital Clean Lines

Portrait: $25

Half-Body: $35

Full or 3/4ths Body: $40


Digital Color

Portrait: $45

Half-Body: $50

Full or 3/4ths Body: $55


Extra Character: x2 Price (from original price, not a cumulative multiplication)

Chibis: 1/2 Price


Examples Below

Digital Sketch (3/4th body)






Digital Clean Lines (1/2 body)





Digital Color (Portrait) 





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Thank you both for the encouragement! And aye, FF6 is my favorite, so I hope to be able to do more tributes to it when I can find more time to dedicate to fully-finished works. Would definitely like to finish that Locke and Celes at some point!

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I did an art exchange with a guildmate and drew a tablet sketch of his character for funtimes!






I also stuck a lion graphic in the OP because nobody is my boss. (Except for my actual, RL boss.)

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More arts happened and I thought I'd share.


I'm slowly chugging through commissions so I can get to illustrating for a game that may or may not be on Patreon or exist eventually. :D


Commission of a reptile lancer pirate dressed in FFXIV garb (sketch):






Commission of a tonberry. I haven't done full CG in a while... got kind of lazy with the final-touch shadows/lighting (done by hand), so still feel a bit ambivalent about it:






Thank you~ ♥

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