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Newbie looking for help [Breeze Darrus]

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I'm just looking for a few people to connect with on the server. Show me the RP ropes, develop a little story with my character, and all that jazz. Nothing big. I'm not a newbie RPer just a newbie to this game, and I like to have an in before I just jump into RP.


So, a love interest, a best friend, just someone who wants to mentor my character.


Anything like that would be cool.


As for my character, I've decided to keep him simple as I could till I understand the lore deeper. Just a simple Hyur Highlander merchant from Ul'Dah who decided to take up the sword to seek his fortune out in the rest of Eorzea. He's a lighthearted character who tries not to take himself too seriously. I know it sounds undeveloped and that's because it is. I want to develop his story and personality through RP as I think it should happen.

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Hey there, welcome to the site and Balmung! I'd be happy to have Ragnar meet up with your character or previously know him. Ragnar's an old mercenary and blacksmith, so there's a couple of angles that could be worked.

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Oh God, Ragnar... Sorry, sorry. In my D&D group for years before Skyrim even came out. Ragnar has been a name multiple people has used when playing either a Human or Half-Orc Barbarian... So the name Ragnar has a special place in my heart...


So I'd love to RP with you Ragnar.

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