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Coil and related loot in rp? (also question about armor)


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Considering how no one would know of coil barring being a member of the scions of the seventh dawn or knowing the "main character" who drives the story of the main quest (thus being brought along in his or her party of trusted companions) It stands to reason coil loot would be...well, non existent amongst the general populace. 

Is coil not spoken of in rp? And in general do RP'rs have very specific outfits to avoid Gear/lore conflicts? 


I mean its already mentioned in lore that aether is infused into armor and that armor can enhance certain attributes, meaning clothing in rp actually can make you stronger or have more stamina...though it seems to be a sort of tongue in cheek (Source: http://xivdb.com/?quest/66235/Color-Your-World) Lest you worry that dyeing will affect your garment's precious properties, you may rest assured it will not. The practicality you adventurers love so much will not suffer for the change in appearance─a change for the better!


Stands to little reason as to why only adventurers would be the only ones who care if you could get stronger...so maybe its a placebo? 


Regardless, how does it stand to play a person with little sentiment for his gear? That he'll toss a piece of tried and true armor away due to being able to ascertain through whatever means that the piece he found on the ground has better properties?

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This touches on how one treats the main story in general, and to be clear, there is no one simple agreed-upon answer for this.


For the most part, you can feel free to ignore most of the main story bits as being inapplicable to your character. Obviously, we're not all members of the Scions and we're not all going to running Coil and killing primals, etc., etc. It becomes incredibly difficult to reconcile some of these things when the story itself is built for one exclusive protagonist and his or her party most of the time.


Similarly, gear, and item level in particular, is often treated in abstraction rather than as a part of the reality that we all inhabit. I don't personally like the idea of so much of my character's strength being determined by 'ilvl' because it really cheapens her own progression (as in, all of her strength comes from her items rather than how well she can use what she has) so I tend to ignore it. In fact, I don't really know of any RPers who treat their actual gear as being IC.


But okay, going back to Coil gear... can someone reasonably expect to be taken seriously if they claim they obtained the gear ICly? I don't really know. It'd take some really good justification considering how powerful, prestigious, and not to mention rare it all is. It might be easier to swallow if they're considered replicas (the way Rowena's gear in general is justified) rather than the actual original article. I know T'rahnu would be very interested in knowing where such a character sourced such items if she saw someone wearing it. Perhaps that can even be a major plot point for you to cover?


At any rate, that's all I've got. Hopefully this was helpful in some way. If not, sorry. :)

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Thanks for clearing it up, of course there are many interpretations and really you just need to find an rp group that agrees with your views. 


As said before, there seems to be some lack of belief among the non-adventuring type that clothing actually does anything. But then you get later quests, specifically AF gear for certain jobs that state explicitly that the garb helps channel the energies.


whatever the case, I wouldn't see the RP "ilvl" undermining a person's strength, because if Titan has shown anything, all the gear in the world can't save you from being rung out. It just means a stab in the chest that could have killed you..didn't


but to each their own, thanks for the insight....

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I've always believed that someone can walk around in VERY well done replicas. Much how the relic weapon isn't exactly the same 'weapon of legend' and whatever, there can be articles of clothing off the famed or whatever armour that someone or some time in history invented.


Safest option imo, I was pondering the same thing in regards to the other worldly parcels.

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I don't think there is anything wrong with using them as glamours.


For the longest time my character has worn Allagan sollerets as part of her normal armor. However they've never been actually treated as actual allagan armor. I just like the copper look and it matches my favorite cuirass.



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when it comes to outfits, I consider them mostly cosmetic unless otherwise specified. Heavy armor is heavy armor, glowing stripes aside. Now, if someone is to claim their armor is actually the "real" allagan thing then yeah, there should be a viable explanation rendered.

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