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I'd start with these questions to help you (and others) get a feel for RP.


Is this your first time RPing? How about in an MMO?


Are you looking for , 1-on-1, smaller groups (less than 4 people), medium groups (maybe around 5-7 people), large groups (8-12 people), or massive (more than 12 people in a scene) groups to RP with? 


Would you prefer to RP out in the world (where any player can see/react), or are you more comfortable with using a grouping method of sorts, like private/party/linkshell chat for your RP?


Are there any particular plots or stories about your character? Preestablished? Ones you're planning?



What kinds of things are you comfortable RPing?


You'll find that that Character Development forum has a TON of resources. Things like the "Directory" pages (here's Balmung's) also help with giving other players a little information to work with. The Wiki is also host to a lot of information, and a lot of information about many of the characters.




If you've got any questions, or are looking for something, many of the people here are really nice, and we'll help along the way. If you have a character on Balmung (or plan to), feel free to send me a /tell anytime.



Good luck!

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