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*A flyer is posted in Ul'dah/towns of Thanalan* Missing Child

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On the various boards around Ul'dah, as well as many of the towns spread across Thanalan, a sketch along with a description is posted. 




Underneath the sketch it is written:


Missing child. 

Flickering Ember


Estimated age: Teenager

Special Needs

Potentially violent

Dark skin tone, red hair cropped short, red eyes, tall, blind.

Last seen in Western Thanalan near the Nophica Wells.



Please help our Calamity orphans find a home at Menphina's Joy Orphanage, located in Ul'dah. Help keep our orphans off the street by signing up for a mentorship program. 

-Nana Nanami, Menphina's Joy, records keeper






If you'd like to roleplay the above advertisement as a RP hook, contact authorities, or are interested in general RP, let me know here or in game. I am also looking for Immortal Flames/Brass Blade RPers since Ember sometimes gets in trouble with the law for being a thieving orphan. 


Menphina's Joy Orphanage is a place I made up but I am interested in adding more of it to my RP and would be happy to involve others as a potential character connection or background storyline.


Art is by Jaques Guillame. His commissions are open. ;)

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Vaughn looks at the poster, reading it carefully. He thinks a moment, looking to the basket of groceries in his arms. Orphanage or a sanctuary... He was sure to keep an eye out at the very least. Should he find the Roegadyn girl, he'd at least try to speak to her...

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Maudit pauses, his brow furrowing. He was sure he'd seen that girl. Recently even. But where? This was going to bother him, especially since the girl was apparently in need.


He moved, on, making a mental note to keep his eyes sharp for this girl Flickering Ember.


(Funny, I saw her in game just a couple of days ago. Just happened to walk past her xD )

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A rare, cool shower had sent the inhabitants of Pearl Lane scurrying for their rat-holes and ramshackle shelters late that eve, as an armoured and hooded figured made her way with an unhurried gait under the stone archways. With a canvas bag of goods slung over one pauldron-clad shoulder and the melodic chime of plate mail accompanying her steps, Brynhilde turned right toward the Exchange.


There, pasted at a lop-sided angle and barely illuminated by the light of an oil lamp, was the flyer. The humidity in the air had already caused one corner of the parchment to curl up and away from the brick beneath. Bryn pressed an armoured finger down to flatten it as her pale eyes, pinched by a frown, scanned the words written there.


A swift glance left and right along the mouths of the stairwell, and the flyer was torn from its perch and crumpled tightly in a metal fist. The Highlander looked up at the now naked square of wall from beneath her brow, her fine features growing into a twisted sneer.


They shan't have her.

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The hooded figure pulled her cowl over her head as much as she could as she read the flyer, which had been somehow posted even in Little Ala Mhigo. "Hmph... Like I care..." she muttered to herself, but she took the image of the face and ingrained into into her memory as she checked her supplies. She was "borrowing" a Roegadyn name for now, so it wouldn't be a bad thing if she ran into someone who didn't already know her name and face, especially if it was just a kid.

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Dogberry stopped in his tracks at the site of the poster. He frowned and shook his head.


"Kiddo..." he said to himself. He could feel his paternal instincts kicking in. It seemed Ember was becoming a member of the ever-increasing group of kids he tried to keep tabs on and look out for. He made a decision to try check up on her once his business in Ul'dah had been taken care of.

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