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RP Addons?


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I cant remember if FF14 supports addons.

Is there an addon that displays character info?

Im thinking similar to the TRP and MRP used in WoW.

Is SE planning to add something like this?


The search text is very limiting.

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Nope. That's all we have that I know of. Recently they said they were thinking of adding a thing in game that will allow us to 'flag' ourselves as RPers. Third-party add-ons are a big nono when it comes to the Terms of Service, and thus we haven't seen anyone develop one for RP purposes.

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The closest you're going to get is the search info thing i'm afraid. Maybe just put a link to your character's wiki page in there?


This, but not sure who checks.


There is the FC RP flag on the information popup, and some FCs add RP to the end of the name.


Clearly the people walking are RPing :) and the ones emoting whole sentences ones doubly so.

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During the London FanFest, it was announced that the DevTeam was considering/planning on implementing an in-game IC/OOC flag at some point in the near future. Hopefully in an upcoming patch and not the expansion.


So an addon will not really be necessary when/if it goes live! And with that added, you can use your player note to link to your wiki as your description and hopefully, when someone sees your flag, they'll check for a link. A bit of a hassle but it still works. xD

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