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A Roe Returned

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...so...uhm... /timid wave


Yea, I'm back!  Wee?


It would appear my long hiatus has come to a close, fueled by missing the game and the announcement of Heavansward--specifically, Dark Knight.  Unfortunately as a result of my abscence, my RP contacts have completely dried up and I am left twisting in the wind.


To the credit of those whom took me in when I first arrived here, I had left pretty much unannounced.  Still, I did feel rather a bit...locked out.  I was alone in a pile of cliques.


I'm hoping I can change my fortunes.


My personal story (as written in my head-canon) has seen me drop my Paladin in favor of Marauder/Warrior.  Which is only level 28 right now.  On top of that, not only am I behind the levelling curve, I am also behind progression, as I haven't done anything new since Haukke Manor HM.  And that was by accident.


So, why the hell would anyone want me?  I've been asking myself that, actually, considering things.  However, I'd like to point out that I am desperate for some RP to make me feel like I'm part of this game again.  My own internal monologue is nice for character development, but stupendously boring without other people to interact with.


Steel is a brash woman, who is undergoing some changes in her mindset.  She's not exactly bitter but she isn't a bucket of cuddles either.  The heft of an axe is becoming more comforting to her than the weight of a shield, so I foresee her carrying that for a long while until Dark Knight's release.


I'd love to be picked up if anyone will have me.  And include me. 


Plz. T^T

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*waves* Hello :) Go ahead and give me a poke if you see me online here or in game on Lilithium Altair! I run my own FC and we'd love to have you and get you situated. We're a fun group and while IC recruitment is closed until 11/1 we can still get you up to speed with the game, leveling, and some RP along the way!

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Welcome back!


I'm all about some RP, and split time between Limsa and Ul'dah as well. Also, if primals are your thing, I run an IC primal hunt event that has its own plot arc. We'd be happy to include you and any ideas you might have for your character progression.


If you want a linkshell for Roegadyns we have one called Broken Chairs, look up me (Dogberry Himalspyr) or Salty Lake in game. There are other Broken Chairs members about, but I'm not sure who else is a leader.

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