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"Duty replay" feature

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I had an absolute fucking blast playing the final showdown of 2.4, but it saddens me to know that I won't EVER EVER EVER be able to play it as Kale EVER EVER again. Then I think about the Lvl50 Job duties, and so forth...some were really good, I enjoyed the DRG and WAR ones, with the tragic music and all. Oh and the best BY FAR is Return of the Holyfist. That was hnghhh awesome.


Would people like to see, in the future, an ability to play back these solo instances the same way we can play back cutscenes?

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Do you mean, like a camera recording your individual fight?

I dont see it happening.

It sounds nice, but highly unlikely.

It would take up way too much server space.

However, if you have a program that records whats happening on your screen, like Fraps, you can record all the fights to your heart's content.

And post them online.

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No, I think what he's suggesting is the option to go back and redo instanced duties you've already done. Like, for example, if you wanted to do the last fight in the Dragoon quest again, you'd go to your inn room, open the book, find the quest, and press "Initiate Duty", allowing you to do the fight again. 


Sadly I don't think it'd be used enough to justify the development time, but I think it'd be a neat feature regardless. Plus, there's no technical reason it couldn't be done. It's just a matter of player interest.

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For those of you with certain Nvidia graphics cards, you can enable Nvidia Shadowplay - it automatically records the last 20 minutes of any game you play, so you can see things that way. It's very good for those of you who are in static teams.

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