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Ad for: Traveling companions

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I'm Natassia Galthens, I am looking for a group to help escort me from Limsa Lominsa to Ul'dah. The journey should take no longer the a week tops. I have already have a friend Sin Thesa and would travel with us, she's a fisher and would be able to catch food for us along out travels and I'm a good so no need to worry about being out starving.  We are looking for other men and women who have skills in decide of hand or land. And one interested please find me in The Drowning Wench on Limsa Lominsa(or send me a tell. 

my character name is Lady Natassia). We'll be eagerly waiting for your reply. 



(I have a linkshell Adventures of Solace and it's for rp, it's mainly going to be a group or RPers, kinda like a band of people like we would of had in the normal Final Fantasy games. So anyone open to the RP contact me.)




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Just to elaborate on our travel a bit more:


We'll be going from Limsa Lominsa > Gridania > Ul'dah (I know the route is weird due to passing by Ul'dah on the way to Gridania)


I met Natassia in Limsa Lominsa, she was searching for escorts an a expedition to Ul'dah - as she probably has yet to acquire the supplies needed for the trip. I agreed to come along and provide fresh, raw fish as a means for food - so long as we have a cook and that we'd stop by popular fishing spots (there will be many as I work to complete the fishing log and such) in addition to a particular location near Gridania (Sanctum of the Twelve) on the way. Other sight-seeing locations are encouraged as well!


Natassia happens to have some proficiency in cooking, and so we are in search of more adventurers, travelers, or wanderers to come along with us and help in whichever unique way they can. We'll meet in the Drowning Wench to discuss what our needs are for the travel and each of our conditions (for example, with mine being to visit the fishing spots).


We'll be walking all the way, no Chocobos. Sometimes we'll stop and camp during the night to prepare food and talk. Perhaps we'll travel in the rain, or seek shelter. We'll also be stopping by towns to resupply and get some rest at an Inn, maybe have a drink and talk about past travels or experiences if time permits.


As Natassia said, the trip should take no longer than several days to a week. We can probably do an hour or more for each session of traveling (we don't want the trip to take up everyone entire game time for each session, we'll discuss time frames). We have a specific Linkshell for this group which Natassia included in the original post.


This trip will serve as a means for us to develop and flesh out our backstory, and meet people that we can integrate into each others story as well.


We all meet and become acquainted as simple cooks, farmers, fishers, miners, etc and develop a friendly relationship this way along our trip (with no prior knowledge to each other's past), but as our story unfolds, and we reveal more our past to one another, we learn much more about each other's real ambitions and goals in Eorzea, which may or may not conflict with each of our own ideals.


Dun dun dun! Then perhaps one day it will come down to choosing between friends, or our lifelong aspirations/desires/dreams/goals. What will happen? Let's RP it and find out.



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Hey everyone just an update:


Our Caravan will be leaving Limsa Lominsa on Monday evening around 7 - 8 pm PST, that's when the RP will be officially starting. We are going to be RPing in Limsa for the most part, getting gear and such ready for the long journey. Anyone interested,  meet us in Limsa Lominsa upper deck at the restaurant.

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Hello everyone,

Just wanted to post an update to this event as it has been delayed - wanted to let anyone that was still interested in our caravan.


My video card died, bought a new one - ended up not being compatible with my motherboard so I ordered a new motherboard arriving this week.


Hopefully can get everything rolling this weekend - will post another update as soon as we have the set schedule!



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