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[Balmung] Another Newbie!

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Howdy, everyone! I'm very new to the game. I joined right before 3.4 hit and have been loving the game since. My highest level toon -- a white mage on another server -- is only 38. But I knew I had to roll a character on the "unofficial role-play server" when I heard about it. I didn't realize how popular this server is. But I remained stalwart and infiltrated my character onto the server after the recent maintenance.


But I'm no newbie to role-play. I've done it all. MUDs, MMOs, DnD, and even some FPS a la Action Half-Life. Forum role-play is new, but I'm excited to take part in this site. You'll find my eccentric Arcanist parading around Limsa Lominsia, and I'm always up for role-play. My in-game name is Oswin Arktur.


Best of luck, everyone!

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Yay! Welcome to the RPC and to Balmung!  :3


...funny, I didn't know that Arcanists came in any other flavor other than "eccentric"...  :P


If you seek out a giant FemRoe with an even gianter (yes it's a real word) axe named Steel Wolf rumbling about, feel free to say hello!  I'm more than willing to RP any-damn-time. 


Besides, I need my Leves allowance to build up again. T^T

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Hello and welcome.  :>


Eccentric Arcanists sound fun, not even going to lie.  Likewise, if you see my character, Xavarian Mystrife around, I'd be up for some rp too!  While not an Arcanist himself, he's definitely an 'aetherical studies' nerd, and would love to meet someone else with either theoretical, or experimental interests.


Hope you keep enjoying the game~

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MUDder! Whee!


I use to play on one MUD for years called Achaea, it was a fantastic full RP full PK world that I think about fondly.


I had no idea you could role play on FPS like Half Life. Those things are my bane though. Oi I even had trouble in Minecraft if things sneak up behind me. :blush:


Will definitely keep a friendly eye out in Limsa and be sure to check out for Mist events, there's an open bar every Thursday on the calendar and Balmung Events topic board.

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