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Epic and Eorzean Olympics (Prelude)


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Now that the successful Full Cold Moon event is concluded, there are two more -major- events on the horizon. Thatâs not to say there wonât be other large events (such as a planned date auction, among other things), but the major RPC events include the coveted Eorzean Olympics and Epic events.


First, let me explain these two events as much as possible to those who are still unfamiliar with the concepts.


Eorzean Olympics: The IC background info to this was in the first issue of the Tonberryâs Lantern. The event is basically the same as our real world Olympics. Those interested in the event can attend as a mere spectator or as a participant. Participants will sign up under one of the 3 city-states and take part in whatever challenge they sign up for. The full details will be dealt with by the Olympics Committee. There will be an opening ceremony that consists of a parade, followed by about 2 weeks of scheduled competitions, followed by the awards ceremony and wrap-party. Potential competitions include racing, monster slaying, fishing, and whatever else the committee can come up with. Non-Rpers on Besaid will be aggressively recruited to assist with things such as the parade, competitions, etc to make for even a bigger event.


Epic: The Epic is a server-wide storyline that will bring the entire community together to deal with a major threat. The Epic Committee will create various quests that will span over the course of several weeks, along with an enticing storyline that will eventually reach a dramatic conclusion. Aside from the pre-scheduled quests, there will be tons of individual and linkshell sub-stories of each individualâs own making. These sub-stories may tie into the larger story in various ways. Letâs give a sample real quick. This is merely a sample Epic and does not necessarily represent the story for the first one.


Sample--A deadly plague suddenly begins to encompass Eorzea, its origins unknown. Adventurers would be brought together to help find the source of the plague and find a cure for it. Various RPC quests (complete with player made NPCs) will advance the plot and rules will be put into place, enforced by a team of âGMs.â Outside of these quests, however, would lie an infinite amount of possibilities for sub-plots. Some characters may get struck with the plague, or someone they know may get struck with it. Some characters may simply wish to gain as much knowledge about the plague as possible for the name of science. Other characters may use the plague for their own self-gain, such as promoting false cures to make money or manipulate other circumstances to their favor. The possibilities are endless and will depend on the individual and/or the RP linkshell.


Originally, I planned the Olympics to begin around February to coincide with the RPCâs 1 year anniversary. However, there are some hurdles with this. The Olympics is an event that truly depends on game mechanics and availability of things âto do.â And as we all know, there really isnât much to do right now outside of leves. Heck, we still donât even have chocobos, hence making chocobo racing impossible for a competition. We also donât have fireworks, which may make for a dull opening parade. Thus, it may be a good idea to do the Epic first and hold off on the Olympics. On the other hand, SE is supposed to give more frequent updates as part of their âplanâ to fix the game. So we could very well end up with plenty of things to do before February hits. But itâs kind of a gamble.


The Epic, however, is not entirely dependent on available game content. Some notorious monsters would probably be the only real content needed, and those are coming right around the corner. Thus, it could benefit us to plan that first. My issue with it is that I wanted to wait until the PS3 users got here before doing this event. Though I suppose we could always plan a 2nd Epic event after PS3 release if the first is successful. The plan was to originally only do one per year though.


Thoughts, comments, questions, suggestions? Which one should we focus on first and why?

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Rather awesome.. *Nod of approval*


So! Just wondering, could you perhaps supply an idea of the time that these events will take place (Day, month, etc?)? And also, in my opinion, the Olympics should come first.. ^^ Either way! Cannot wait! ;)


(Sorry if it appears I've been dominating the forums lately.. xD I just love to reply. :) )

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Given the Size of the community I say host the first epic then judge the turnout. After the PS3 release there will be a swell in population and host the Olympics as kind of a welcome party. At that point compare the turn outs of both then later in 2011 Do the epic again.


In short, I think you should do a prelude epic of sorts for the current community. Get the feel for how to handle timing of events, how the community responds, the number of LSs participating Ect... (You know what your looking for)


I can't imagine the amount of planing and creative writing that is put into this I hope to be there to see it fulfilled.

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This is by far one of the largest events attempted to be planned that I've ever read about or heard about, at least in a long time. I'm excited for this one, and I would be more than happy and willing to aid in this endeavor in whatever way possible.


I agree with the afore mentioned motion that we should plan an epic prelude rather than going for broke with the much larger idea, mainly because once the PS3 launch of FFXIV hits the shelfs, we'll have that many more people, that and to see how the community as a whole, and indeed the entire server, responds to such an event.


I'd also like to mention that I think it'd be a good idea to have some sort of video coverage of this event in it's different stages and aspects and I'd like to chalk up my services as a film student and offer at the very least to help out with editing the footage, or planning and maintaining the video and data flow for it if this is something that the community would like to endeavor in. We can plan on how to go about that a little later if it's decided to go ahead with it. And again, I'm willing to help out in anyway I can.




Not sure what my eyes told me I read, lol, epic prelude. I crack myself up sometimes. But yes, I'd still like to help in anyway that I can.

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Since the PS3 release date has been pushed back to an unknown time it seems folly waiting for PS3 release so we can do things. However you are right, Castiel, in saying that we should wait until there is actually something -to do-.


One thought, as far as the Olympics go, would be speed downings of a certain NM. The team to down the NM the fastest wins the event. It's a physical feat as well as one that requires good teamwork.

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I give this two thumbs up stamp of approval and am very excited to hear what will happen!


For the olympics we're really only limited by our imaginations. real game competitions such as downing the NM's as Astrya mentioned above, fishing - most fish caught, certain species caught, etc. Relay running race around a certain area - teams of 4 people run along a stretch of the forest outside of gridania. Crafting - teams race to complete a certain recipe.

Then you have events that could be held in the chat - examples I've seen in the past are: Pie making - competitors create the most imaginative pies they can think of with the winner being the one who doesn't kill off the judges :) Along the same lines there is cocktail creation - like the pies but with alcohol and more flames :)


High Dive - competitors 'dive' in the most elaborate way they can think of, although winners were decided via random dice rolls in game. But anyways, food for thought at least :)

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Okay, Epic will be coming first and we'll likely do another after PS3 release (assuming the first is successful). Since the Olympics were already announced IC via the Lantern, we'll just assume political/financial problems are causing the Olympics Committee to postpone the event >.>. Might be an article about it in the next Lantern issue.


Epic planning will begin sometime shortly after the holidays. Please indicate if you wish to be part of the Epic committee by posting here. Presently, there is no limit to the number of committee members. They will be responsible for the content of the event, the scheduling, rule enforcement, etc. They will also need to be willing to make alternate characters for the sake of the events as needed, which shouldn't be an issue so long as the free trial doesn't suddenly stop before February/March >.>


Deadline for expressing interest will be January 15th.

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Deadline for committee signups is fast approaching! I only have 2 volunteers so far, which means this is gonna be rough (though not impossible). Again, the committee members essentially plan the entire plot, the in game events and scheduling, and they help control "NPCs" for the in game events when needed.


On January 15th, I'll be posting a rough draft of Epic details in the new Chamber of Fate section. The committee will look it over, make suggestions for changes, and then it'll be revealed for all to see. The post will only contain the structure of the Epic, not the actual content. The content will be discussed by the committee and will likely take about a month to hammer out.

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The following have been added to the Epic Committee group and now have access to the Chamber of Fate section: Alona, Seraphine, Zeah, and Jinxsy. EDIT: Added Rain.


If I missed someone, please let me know.


A to-do list and structure proposal has been posted in the section for review. Upon the committee's editing (if any) and approval, the Epic structure will be posted in the Headlines section. We will then dive into the storyline, rules, and other necessities.


Projected time of the RPC's first Epic is mid-February. This is subject to change if the planning takes longer.

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The structure outline for the Epic will be posted in the Headlines section on Friday, the 4th. This upcoming week will likely have a lot of attention on the upcoming patch and I'd rather something as significant as the Epic not be too overshadowed by it.


The story arch and details are currently being hammered out and will not be revealed for awhile longer most likely. After the structure is posted, the next Epic related news you'll all get will be the teaser site, which will reveal the actual story angle and a start date for the Epic.

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