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LF Active RP with a magical eternal bond partner

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OOCly I have not been able to get an eternal bond partner and I would like to get that chocobo. So I will pay mine (and I guess yours if need be, let's see what it's like) end of a premium wedding.


No restrictions on gender or race.


Just please don't be someone who has tried to kill or abuse Kage in the past.


Benefits include:

One dapper Dunesfolk male who owns his own house in the Goblet Subdivision.

He has a workshop and is getting adequately well in blacksmithing, armory, and leatherworking.

He spends some time finding good company with cute animals and you can too! He's already gotten a nutkin, a baby opo-opo, and a fat cat.

He will also sit on a shelf for you help you if you have issues with bandits/others. Hell, he's got a bone to pick with the Syndicate of Ul'dah.

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