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Soliloquy Open House - IC Performers' gathering!

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We are proud to announce the reformation and promotion of Eorzea's growing linkshell for IC performers, actors, bards, storytellers, and all who can move a crowd, play a part, and attract audiences - Soliloquy!


See this thread for our initial information about our goals....


Interest Survey


And this thread for the linkshell information:




To get to know one another, and to show off for others like us, we invite performers and bards of all types to join us for a bit of fun in our first Open House:


Sunday, 12/14

4pm EST

Xenedra's Theater: Lavender Beds Subdivision 4, Plot 41 - Southwest Aetheryte


We will be practicing exercises in story-building, sharing a nip of food and drink, and will offer tests of knowledge, in addition to simply giving us an excuse to discuss and launch our future projects.


Contact Xenedra, Telluride or Coraliza here in the forums for more info, or check out the Linkshell info to get involved!

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It was fun! Especially being put on the spot to add to a story I didn't hear any of the previous chunk ^_^ hahaha


Thank you for allowing a belated lady who was eating dinner, texting, driving, and drinking a smoothie to participate!


Oh holiday joys.

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