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New Miqo'te in Town :)


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Hiya! :moogle: My name is Rynn and I just came back to FFXIV from a very very long hiatus.  We're talking before the chocobo's roamed!  Seriously though it's been since around 2.1 or so since I've actually played the game.  I used to be based on Faerie but someone I know told me to come back and play on Balmun, so here I am.  I loved roleplaying on Tera and Aion but decided to take a break so roleplaying wasn't a big thing for me in FFXIV when I first started.  Now that I'm back I figured it's time to switch it up a bit and start roleplaying once more, hopefully I'm not too rusty!



There is a character that I have pretty much figured out.  She's brand new to me, so I hope people will bear with me as my characters usually forge their own path despite what I write down in red pen.  Senah Viqqoh is her name and her background is pretty much set with what will hopefully be some fun roleplay for a few friends and me (and anyone who joins in).  I would love for her to have her own friends and ties though instead of just relying on the ties of those around me. I learned about this place from a Google search of "FFXIV Balmung Roleplaying" in a hope to find people to roleplay with without having to stalk every town. Since I am not that big on interrupting other's roleplaying it is pretty hard for me to poke around into strangers things.. though there have been some pretty interesting ones going on it seems!



As for what kind of roleplayer I'm aiming to be. I'd prefer light or medium as I do want to do a bit of PvE (just so my heals will stop being called "cute") and try to regain any skill I had in this game. There's not much more to tell other than I am mostly available in the mornings or the evenings, with a lot of the early evenings being saved for the person who stared at me to rejoin FFXIV. 

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Welcome! I'm glad to see another Miqo'te running around! On behalf of everyone here, I hope you enjoy your stay! It's a very friendly community here, you'll find. I myself am quite new to the game and the server, so I'm not much help, but if you need anything, I'm sure many of these people will be eager to assist you.

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Welcome new kitty person! <3


If you'd like some more Roe in your life (and honestly, why wouldn't you?) feel free to give my character a poke. I left and came back myself, having walked from the game at about the same point as you...so...hee.


Coincidentally, if you'd like to noob it up with me on any of the recently-arrived content, feel free to let me know. I'm a fresh-ish Warrior and love the tanking style it plays as. I imagine my new friend Zarek wouldn't object to a new fourth arriving, though I'll let him speak for himself.


In either case, welcome back, and hope to interact in-game or in-forum! <3

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Thanks Steel Wolf! I'll try to get on sometime and take you up on that poke! :) I'm sure my character would love to meet yours as well. The dungeons are getting done slowly because I have no idea what I'm doing anymore, haha, but thanks for the offer!


If it helps, Merri.. I actually played the game before the chocobos came out! So I'm pretty ancient as well.

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