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Allo or something..

Dras Black

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Allo, I'm a "new" Miqo'te player, much like the other post that was put up yesterday I'm coming back from a long hiatus.  (as yes I am talking from like 1.0 heck if we cout 11 ive been playing for the better part of a century.) 


However I don't have to much of a background for Drassy or the lore of the world. I needs the help! So I suppose this is the place to come I hope?

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WELCOME! Please take your free cookie to the left, along with obligatory dark side reference. Find a comfy bean bag chair, and we'll get to it!



Unfortunately, I am not a moderator, an experienced player, or anything else that can really help you... I just provide cookies and chairs.

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If you're looking for helpful, knowledgeable people then you have indeed come to the correct place!




There's a nice bit of lore in the timeline here.

Of course wikis galore can fill your head with all the little tidbits you may need.


The FFxiv discussion and RP discussion threads can offer lots of ideas.


If you're looking to pull your character into some semblance of a network, the making connections threads may be helpful.


You might also find some fun prompts to help develop your character in the Character Development section.


Best thing to do when in doubt, ask a question! There are plenty of people around here eager to help out!

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