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Well my first suggestion would be to continue to use the benchmark and tweak the settings until you get a score that you feel is appropriate. Don't be afraid to adjust some of the simpler settings first--sometimes even a little tune down of display resolution can mean the difference between 15-25 FPS and eye-loving gorgeousness.

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Yeah, essentially I put everything to the lowest possible settings and my score increased slightly, now I stand at 1802. I mean, it's better than nothing and I'm sure when I'm strictly roleplaying, I'll be able to run on at least medium. But of course, in combat situations, PvE, PvP and etc. I'll have to adjust them. Thank you for the suggestion!

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Oh, and another question. I'm more or so interested in in-game roleplay as opposed to forum roleplay. While I do enjoy forum roleplay, I like the aspect of in-game roleplay. The visuals, the emotes. It's all just very appealing. The question arises, do people usually forum roleplay, or roleplay in-game? I'm more or so asking; where is there more RP?

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... do people usually forum roleplay, or roleplay in-game? I'm more or so asking; where is there more RP?


You will find more in-game for sure. There is quite a bit on the forums as well, but usually as a side-story or to fill in a specific plot hole. Some also take part as a ways to fill in breaks at work.

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Hey there! :D


I played this game on a benchmark of 1300 for three months by setting the graphics to the lowest quality in-game. It was... sad... but it worked. Just watch out for the AOEs and hope they don't bite too much. 


Looking forward to seeing your character join in someday soon!

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I hear Balmung is the place to be, but it won't allow me to join the sever. What exactly does that mean? Also, by Balmung it shows "(NA Legacy)"?


Balmung is definitely a popular server!

Legacy servers were where all 1.0 characters relocated. 

NA- It's a North American server.


Character creation opens and closes in waves so just keep trying. Many players have had luck in the early mornings, usually on weekdays. Seems to me it's been opened a bit in the after noon/evening here lately.


Just keep trying! :)

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