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  1. The field music for the Churning Mists has taken its place as my absolute favorite! I've been known to dump gil on a teleport there just to soak in the sounds and atmosphere on my griffin. I love field music / map themes in general and "To the Sun" is a close second for field music (the piano version on From Astral to Umbral is perfect). Also that enigmatic final portion of "On Westerly Winds". Really, I can't get over how amazing the battle themes are in this game either - I am very partial to "Fallen Angel" but have a special soft spot for the Midgardsomr one because piano, how c
  2. I've discussed this with friends before. The "Odd Wanderer" type fits Avis as well. She'd be that NPC who dishes out cryptic words of advice to strangers that don't seem to make sense until later in the game. She probably wouldn't even be named, and might just be labelled as "Mysterious Woman" or something. I can also see her as the character you have to talk to to open up some kind of menu for access to a database or lore encyclopedia. OR that side-quest nerd loitering around dubiously outside of dungeons / ruins, waiting to thank the protagonist for beating the crap out of the boss be
  3. Ah, you have been sitting on my friends list for quite a while! Our characters really ought to meet soon.
  4. Hey there! My character, Avis, is a nosy, free-spirited arcanist who admittedly only makes rather sporadic appearances at the guild. She's a self-proclaimed scholar / researcher who's currently on the hunt for prospective magic students for her boss, and is both puzzled and intrigued by the number of arcanists employed as customs officers in Limsa - why are they 'resigned' to such an occupation with an art like theirs to wield? are they actually leading double lives and being dubious wizard vigilantes after hours? - She's based at the Mizzenmast Inn and I'd also love to get her to make m
  5. Could my character (Qara Qalli*) possibly be added to the listing for Tumet as well as an ex-member? Her Tumet heritage forms the most important component of her backstory, so I'd love to be able to discuss headcanons with other Tumet characters too. I had also... written a tiny dirge-of-sorts for the Xaela, which I think befits what I see as the relative stoicism of the Tumet tribe, and snippets of other things for my songbird. If anyone's interested, let me know! *Lala-esque name, I know. Unintentional alliteration.
  6. I actually conceptualized my Xaela's backstory way before all the tribal lore was released. (Such a massive amount of information - I still wish it could've been released earlier for us to plan, but I shan't complain further because of how amazing it all is!) So I've had to do a lot of splicing and tweaking here and there to fit my character into the tribes. Currently, it seems that my witch doctor / bard lady was born a Tumet but drifted into the Qalli tribe much later in life. I'll be doing more with the beliefs and possible shamanistic inclinations, if any, related to the Tumet clan a
  7. Avis is perfectly happy listening as well, though she does go on off tangents easily if you mention even a word or phrase that piques her interest. She'd be happy to meet Mitsuko too. You can look out for me in-game or PM me to find out when I'm on (sometimes I'm leveling an alt). Hammersmith, throwing you a PM very soon - this ought to be intriguing. And Vetiver, you give me too much credit! Your character is adorable and it was a fun 4-5hs for me too. :3 They will meet again.
  8. Hey there! Both characters sound fascinating to interact with (I peeked at their wikis). I think Avis would love to know more about the Twelveswood through Vetiver - but I have absolutely no idea how interaction with Foxglove would be like for my character. Which should be very interesting, really. (I also think my Au Ra should meet Foxglove when she actually exists.) We should set a time and date to meet! Kurt! Aren't you in the Land of the Rising Sun at the moment? I trust it's been exciting anyway. :3 I should be online most nights... and perhaps even all day in our timezone i
  9. ...because we know there's no way she can outdo a certain duskwight friend of hers in nerdy nonsense. /sort-of-shameless plug Ummm. Hi. I am dragging my chronically shy self out of hiding to post this because I am finally, finally freer for the next, well, four weeks of so of vacation perfection. I'm looking for more connections for my main, Avis, who's basically a nosy, restless, poetic goose looking to get herself in all sorts of trouble. Here, have a picture. [align=center] [/align] RP hooks: Avis is based in Limsa Lominsa, so potential friends and enemies of
  10. Well! ... ... that's... perfect timing. I'm actually about to get to SoF for the first time today. Maybe. Wish me luck.
  11. And then there's Avis, also a book / history nerd, recently a restless, rabid, ruin fan... who has had weird conversations with both Ramona and Xavarian and is the perpetually missing personal assistant of Mister Darkbore. I am mildly amused. But gee, we could all hang out.
  12. Every year I fall in love even more with Yoko Shimomura's work for Legend of Mana. Just listen to its opening theme. It explains everything. BMKovBcgr1o And then there's Joe Hisaishi, of course, with all the wonderful music he's composed for Studio Ghibli: vFkSuPe3vIY
  13. The Rebellious / Badass / Tomboy Princess trope, from having grown up with Disney female leads, YA fantasy novels and Final Fantasy IX. The "rogue with a heart of gold" cliche never gets old either. ...and to tie it all nicely together, after all this time, I'm still a fan of the absurd Rogue x Upper Class Lord/Lady pairing. *hides*
  14. I killed my sleep for this. Still deciding between these two (help):
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