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Hi all


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Soo.... I assume this is what/where I'm supposed to do this. Been playing ff14 sense just after the beta dropped and the first release came out (buggy as it was) I love the game to death xD


That aside. Sometimes I become bored of adventuring and long for a good old fashion form rp. To be honest right not I don't have a main character to play roleplay wise right now simply because, with the new race coming out I'm really waiting to change my race before I do any major character development but that doesn't mean I'm not here to make some friends and get some not to serious story play.


So hi xD

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If you have any questions, poke around. We're a super friendly and cozy little community! If you need an FC to help get you on your feet character and otherwise, check out the Free Wing Society on the Linkshell Hal dealio :) We're getting some people together who are getting plans set up for the 3.0 drop and the new content to come!





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Hello and welcome to the RPC!


Sounds like you're having lots of fun in-game wise. If you don't want to fully commit, why not try some random walk-up RP in-game at one of the major hubs *cough*Quicksand to dip your toes a bit? You may also try to do so here in the forums as well!

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