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For Ale and Peanuts [Open | OOC Welcome]


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((It's been almost a year since I joined RPC and I've decided that I will do one of the first things I did when I decided to throw myself into that which is the RPC forum world. QUICKSAND THREAD!


One of the first few people Kage, and myself, met through the RPC forums in a thread such as this is Aya. Aya has beautifully always struck my emotions when she cheerfully, and other emotions, offers Kage a bowl of peanuts or more. It was something so casually done in one of my first Quicksands threads when Kage and Aya first met but it just strikes me whenever peanuts are now used.


I'm sentimental ok? So, with having almost a year gone by, I hope to create new friendships, reforge any ones anew, and perhaps such an action from a forum thread will evoke the same things that a bowl of peanuts will.))


The Quicksand, a place of Momodi's hospitality that Kage has found a home within a home. Granted, Ul'dah's prospects were dimmer and dimmer each day but it wasn't a place the lalafell could see ever leaving anytime soon. It was the place that he'd met so many of his friends, old and new. Friends who were gone, dead, or still around. He'd met Natalie and Roen here. He'd met Salem. He'd met Chokho. He'd seen bar fights and seen the aftermath of cold killings. He'd seen love and friendships. Sure, the airship landing's bar was around but... the Quicksand was full of so many memories. The good, and the very few bad.


Kage jumped onto the railing, catching himself onto it and adjusting his balance ever so slightly. Re-adjusting to his real height from the inexplicable transformation he'd had moons ago was easier said than done. Thankfully Kage hadn't learned to start using the axe during that period or Kage was sure he'd have chopped a toe or so off. It was bad enough when he used sword and board now. Re-re-learning everything. He settled himself atop the railing, clutching the tankard of ale he'd purchased from the barkeep. On a tab of course. The lalafell peered around the Quicksand, observing its occupants. Perhaps he'd make a new friend if one of the tables' occupants let him have a seat. Perhaps he'd make another friend by just the act of sitting on the railing.


After all, he'd met Jajara on the rail. He'd met Salem on it. It wasn't so unusual that he'd make friends from it.


... then again he'd also been taken hostage by that mad Roegadyn lover of Denn's once too.




The lalafell casually scratched his neck as he took a long sip from the mug at the thoughts.

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Evangeline walks into the quicksand, still sore from one of her training sessions. Her body was not used to such strenuous effort, and her prodigious soreness made even walking an ordeal. She leans up against the railing, reaching down and massaging some feelings back into her thigh, before noticing her nearby companion.


"Ah, hello there young Ser." She winces, "Sorry for bothering you."


With a wry grin, "Though you wouldn't happen to know a remedy for sore muscles, by any chance?"

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On a table just below where the two were perched sat Lili. Pale blonde hair loosely tied into a bun atop her head, she had a clear glass of a reddish brown liquid situated near a collection of papers and reports. Many of them looked formal, of a business variety of some sort. Bills, list of supplies, a haphazardly written grocery list...it went on and on.


The work of a leader was never done after all. The older woman found the din of the coming and going patrons to be oddly relaxing instead of stuffed upstairs in the usually quiet company house. On a chair besides her in a tiny basket was Mikh'a, snoozing as toddlers often did with his bright orange and red tail hanging over the edge and his fuzzy ears drooped with slumber. Occasionally Lili would lean over to smooth aside his hair, but the little Keeper child was dead to the world after a big lunch and a lullaby.


Hearing voices besides her in a much closer proximity then the rest of the place, she tilted her head up. Spotting the Lalafell and Elezen conversing had her curiosity piqued, and overhearing the woman she offered her a sympathetic grimace.


"Looks like you had a long day, dear."

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Kage's head turned up pretty fast, almost so fast that he might have added to the soreness the Elezen spoke of. His eyes swung downwards to the table where a somewhat familiar female sat. Where did he remember her from?... Oh and a baby!


Kage took a sip of his ale and answered, "In my humble opinion, ye have a couple of choices! Warm, soothing tea! A cold ale or shorter, more potent brews!"


"Or I guess you could find a spa to rest at if you have the gil for that sort. A bath would do possibly!"


((Shhh I might have needed to make a weee quick edit))

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Three pairs of footsteps made their way down the Hourglass stairs - one pair belonging to a freshly bathed Chachanji and the other two to his partner-in-crime Gran. Both looked a little miffed at each other, casting glances at each other and then looking away. The reason for their irritation came soon enough as the youngest Gegenji broke the silence between them.


"I thought ya'd like it, okay?" he pouted, placing a fist on his hip and waving the other hand freely in the circle. "I mean, we played in th' river all th' time in th' warmer moons. I thought ya'd like th' tub."


Gran responded with a curt snort and shook himself like a wet dog. The Lalafell had toweled the baby behemoth off as best he could after the bath-time faux pas, but the little porker continued to act as if he was utterly waterlogged. That and his proud mane was a mess, which drove Gran crazy as he sought to correct it again with one of his forepaws.


"Ya needed a bath anyway," Chachan continued in a soft mutter, folding his arms behind his head and letting his gaze wander over the Quicksand. Something red and orange caught his violet gaze, focusing his attention on the tiny basket it was draped from. He thought it just a piece of rope or something until he saw it twitch slightly.


At that, his thoughts on bathing Gran vanished in a puff of smoke. Finding out what that was sat at the forefront of his mind, and the little Lalafell found himself creeping forward to investigate. Gran pawed at his mane pathetically a few more times before noticing his owner had moved away and trotted grumpily after him.


It took all of Chachan's willpower not to squee aloud when he found out the little red and orange length was the tail of a baby Miqo'te. The mother - who strangely wasn't a Miqo'te - seemed quite focused on her paperwork and the startings of a conversation with someone up over the railings. The Lalafell wasn't sure who, since the adorable little fluffy bundle had all his attention.


One little squee wouldn't hurt, right?



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Evangeline laughs, "Not a terribly long day, but long enough for me. Such is the price of living the life of a scholar for so long."


She looks down at the baby wondering why a Hyur has a miqote baby, then turns to the Lalafell, "A spa...? Interesting, we did have Saunas and hot springs up north, though somehow they seem less appealing here. I already bake in this desert sun, I'd rather not broil as well."


Grinning, Eva pats him on the back, "Ale however, sounds wonderful."


She hobbles off to the bar, to acquire said cold beverage, "Would you like anything as well, young Ser?"

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The babyqo'te continued to slumber even as Chachanji got closer to see. His skin was fair with a greyish tint, and with the eyes closed it was uncertain the eye color. Lili heard the very softly uttered 'Awwww' and turned her head to look over to the newcomer. Seeing how he looked at the toddler had her smiling.


"I doubt you'll wake him. He fell asleep quite a bit ago." She reached over for her cup, setting aside her fountain pen so she could sip at the contents. Having noticed the little critter (Gran) following behind the Lalafell, her eyes went wide with delight. "Oh! Isn't he a little darling!"

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With energetic steps the familiar Quick Sand sight and her short skirt returned to the bar, adding a graceful flourish, setting the serving tray on the counter with a single motion, while casting an amused smile in the direction of her Lalafel employer.


Turning to face the floor of the tavern, her bangs slipped down into her eyes, while the soreness of high heels crept into her feet.  She closed her eyes, drawing in a deep breath, before letting it back out slowly between pursed lips.   Once more she opened her eyes, drawing her bangs back with her fingers as she looked over the afternoon's patrons.


Off in the corner she caught sight of a familiar face with that unmistakable tuft of fiery blue hair.  A sense of excitement contentment immediately drew out her own bright smile.  She watched for a moment longer, eyes lingering upon the heartening sight of the Lalafel surrounded by friendly looks and voices.


She thought for a moment to tap her thumb on the bar and summon forth a bowl of his favorite snack.  But some things it seems, if one can imagine, are even more precious than peanuts.


Madam Momodi brought the gracious interval to an end, sending the girl back to work, with a smile that much happier than before.

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"I recommend a hot compress for sore muscles," Nimimi Nimi murmured shyly from behind the Elezen, giving her a small smile. "Well, it's what works best for me any road."


She leaned against the railing wearily, putting her rucksack down beside her as she glanced through the bars around the Quicksand. Warmth filled her belly in the way only arriving home could do, and she let out a content sigh.


She glanced towards the companions beside her and gave each a small nod and smile, eyes widening as they settled on the behemoth sniffing the babyqo'te nestled, and a young lalafell quietly coo'ing beside them. 



I hope this is okay, I've never posted anything like this before!

Edit: Oops, I hadn't refreshed and seen Aya's post! Will delete this post if there's too many people, I'm not completely sure how this works :blush:


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"I recommend a hot compress for sore muscles," Nimimi Nimi murmured shyly from behind the Elezen, giving her a small smile. "Well, it's what works best for me any road."


She leaned against the railing wearily, putting her rucksack down beside her as she glanced through the bars around the Quicksand. Warmth filled her belly in the way only arriving home could do, and she let out a tired sigh.


She glanced towards the companions beside her and gave each a small nod and smile, eyes widening as they settled on the behemoth sniffing the babyqo'te nestled, and a young lalafell quietly coo'ing beside them. 



I hope this is okay, I've never posted anything like this before!

Edit: Oops, I hadn't refreshed and seen Aya's post! Will delete this post if there's too many people, I'm not completely sure how this works :blush:



Evangeline grins at the Miqo'te, "A hot compress you say?" She retrieves her drink from the bar, and turns to speak to the woman one on one. "We had such things in Ishgard, but I wouldn't know what plants to use in this climate."


With a smile, "Perhaps I can buy you a drink, and you can show me how one is made in the southern cities?"


"By the way, my name is Evangeline."

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Jana hears familiar voices nearby, shaken from near-sleep. Leaning against a wall in her dusty Flames uniform, she gave a glance around; it seemed she just couldn't escape Evangeline lately. But she also saw Sers Chachanji and... Kage? It had been a long time since she'd seen him, for sure.


Still, it was getting more and more crowded, and Jana self-consciously tugged on her helmet, as if she could pull it down over her face... Certainly something cowls did better. Curiously looking on from afar, she started sliding towards the bar. Something cool to drink would keep her awake for a little longer if things stayed slow.

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A lithe young Elezen woman strolled into the Quicksand, arms stretching wide as she strolled forth. Her muscles were screaming from her training at the Pugilist's Guild, but the training dummy had yielded, cowering in abject fear at the woman's sound beating. She was truly the strongest. And the most beautiful. In fact, would she have his hand in bonding? Truly he was in love.


It was right before the moment when she was dragging her imaginary lover--who had metamorphosized from a training dummy to a Miqo'te--to their honeymoon suite when her trainer had shouted at her to clear the floor and relieved her for the moment. He always interrupted the good part.


So it was that she found herself at her favorite spot in the entire realm. The Quicksand. As she swayed in, she grinned as the place was already beginning to buzz with activity. People walking around, some running through on errand, many taking seats and cradling drinks . Friends reconvening. New acquaintances being made. And, by the Twelve, was that a baby freaking behemoth??


It was too much. She wriggled in delight, clutching her fists to her cheeks and making an audible squee noise before leaping up, fists triumphantly punching at the heavens.


"Helloooo, Quicksand!!"

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Chachanji again had to dig deep into his rather shallow well of willpower to avoid poking the weeqo'te lightly on one of his chubby little cheeks. While he had the assurances of his mother that the little kitten would remain asleep, he certainly didn't want to risk causing any problems and get his baby-viewing privileges taken away. Besides, now that he thought on it, poking a stranger's infant was probably frowned upon regardless of whether they were safely tucked into dreamland or not. As such, the little Lalafell contented himself with a simple nod to let Lili know he had heard her words before returning his awed gaze to Mikh'a.


So small, so fragile, so... cute. Chachan almost felt embarrassed about the feelings currently overwhelming his senses. While he may be of the Lalafellan persuasion, a race that was quite the far cry from the masculine paradigm, he was still both a hero-in-training and a rather weathered smith. Was it proper for a blade-wielding forge-master to gawk and coo over an infant like this? Mikh'a response to this odd line of thinking was a slumbering burble, pawing weakly at his shut eyes. Darn it, baby, you make a strong case.


As for Gran, his much lower vantage point meant he had no idea what had his owner all giddy. All he saw was the underside of a basket and the chair it rested on. He'd hop up on the table to get a better look, but he still firmly remembered what happened last time he did that. And the purple piglet much preferred a Momodi that was feeding him to a Momodi that was cross with him. Thus, he was limited to little more than snuffling at the basket from below, and it smelled heavily of biped and baby powder; enough so of the latter to garner a tiny sneeze from the baby behemoth.


As such, he was more than content to turn his attentions towards the infant's mother when she praised him. At least, that's what the tone implied - Gran still wasn't fully cognizant of the Eorzean tongue, after all. All the little porker knew was that she was saying things at him, and in a gentle and friendly manner. He pawed futilely at his still-damp mane in an attempt to pretty up a bit, and then trotted over to Lili. Perhaps she would provide other friendly things, like pets and treats, since his owner was otherwise occupied.


Gran liked pets and treats, you see.

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Kage beamed, his beret and feather practically hopping as he nodded and greeted each person. Why there was even that cheerful Elezen who greeted the entire Quicksand. How else could he respond but greet her in kind? And more Lalafell! Well... he'd met Chachanji but... honestly Kage had never met many female Lalafell. In fact he could... count maybe three of them. And! Save the for the little sleeping tyke, not a miqo'te to be found! This was certainly a good, and different, day at the bar for sure!


"Hello!" He chirped, as he slipped off the railing. Murmuring, "I'll be right back with treats!"


The Lalafell rushed up to the bar counter, beaming as his eyes caught sight of the bowl already set on top of it. "More ale for the rest of my new friends, on my tab please!" He quickly grabbed the large bowl and returned to the stop, handing some peanuts to Chachanji's gran of course and, no, he did -not- just... coo... at the baby. Ok yes he did but he certainly did not treat the little one to peanuts. It'd be bad. Choking hazard!




Kage stopped as he realized where the what seemed like pale haired female must have come from.


"Excuse me miss, but uhm... might you have been a friend of C'kayah's at one point? Perhaps ah.. you ah... might have met me when I had some... furry ears and a tail?" Kage's voice turned sheepish, his face coming down red with a blush as he realized how ridiculous it all sounded.


"Ah-ah-ah nevermind, I'll um ah-" Kage turned and promptly smooshed his face into a pillar. Beret and all.

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The exuberant outcry nearby had Lili chuckling. It was always good to see those taking the simpler pleasures from life. As Gran toddled closer to her, she leaned her hand down near him so he could sniff and examine as he wished. She didn't want to be obtrusive and start petting him without his consent. Little animals had feelings too after all.


As Chacha continued his oogling, Lili continued to look amused. It was a softened cast to her already benign features that added to her maternal nature. "His name is Mikh'a, should he wake up and you'd like to say hello, dear."


At Kage's exclamation, the blonde looked up with a blink. At the mention of C'kayah's name as well as the sheepish exclamation and inquiry of the male, Lili's smile broadened just enough to try and be encouraging towards him. He suddenly seemed so shy, the poor dear!


"I was his fiance at one point, and yes, I believe I remember meeting you some moons ago. Kage, yes? The hair color is hard to mistake." And besides her and by Gran, Mikh'a turned onto his back and stretched his little hands out into the air with a sleepy yawn before letting them flop over the side of the basket. Now napping spreadeagled without a care. He was a toddler, who cared about anything but naps, nums, and Mama when you were a toddler?

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Great, a drunkard. And a loud one at that. Jana lifted her leather helmet a little bit to get a better look around; some Elezen woman was shouting. ...Now Ser Kage had joined in, and he was passing around candy or something. She thought to herself for a moment; Jana didn't think she had actually fallen asleep. Did they get so deep into their cups before coming to the tavern? The Miqo'te simply crossed her arms as she waited near the counter for a chance to order her own drink, not saying anything as the activity around her grew in volume.

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"It would be my pleasure! Although it seems the good sir has beaten you to it," Nimimi chuckles, nodding towards the Lalafell now handing around peanuts. She can't help but smile at how delighted he looks by the turn of events - or perhaps it was the funny elezen who just announced her arrival.


"Pleasure to meet you Evangeline, I'm Nimimi," she smiles, turning back to the lady and nodding her head. Her curiosity leaps at the mention of Ishgard, for she had only left Thanalan a few times, and each trip had taken her to Gridania.


"Ishgard! It must have been a very long journey here?" Nimimi squeaks.


She winces as in the corner of her vision she sees the delighted lalafell walk into a pillar. It was turning into a very unexpected homecoming indeed.

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Having made her boisterous entrance, the Elezen began to walk towards the seating area. The place was becoming full and she didn't want to miss out on a seat.


Normally, she would circle the outer seating area like a vulture, swooping in to speak with folks that she espied and fancied knowing more about. This time, however, she was gonna have a seat. And a drink. Then another drink. Maybe a third drink. And hopefully someone would approach her and say hello.


Maybe even her training dummy turned Miqo'te suitor would materialize, who knows? It was Ul'dah!


She sat herself at a corner table, resting herself into the chair side-saddle, legs crossed and facing the center of the "pit" to people-watch, her bright hazel eyes constantly darting about, scanning the room, its inhabitants and any number of otherwise assumed insignificant details.

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Gran's little black eyes immediately affixed to the proffered hand, staring at it for a moment before glancing up at the appendage's owner with a slight cant to his porcine head. Jeez, was she going to make him do all the work here? He gave her hand the lightest of snuffles before pressing his head intently into it as a not so subtle hint as to his wishes. He came over looking for pets and treats after all and, gosh darn it, he was gonna get pets and/or treats! Preferably both, of course, but perhaps the treats would come later.


Had this been under different circumstances, Gran might have been a little more wary. After all, he had suffered his fair share of mistreatment before landing in the hands of Chachanji. However, his aforementioned owner was right there doing... whatever it was he was doing... and the taller biped seemed quite approachable and friendly besides. Not to mention that they were on his turf, and he could totally show Lili what for if she tried anything funny. So, it was obviously in her best interests to stay on his good side and keep him well-petted.


As for the other half of the equation, Chachanji turned towards Lili as she spoke to him. There was something in her tone that was... just comforting. He was vaguely reminded of his own mother, albeit from a time before she had started trying to drill economics and business sense into his head. Just thinking about it made him a bit wistful really, and he returned his violet gaze towards the Miq'kitten while his thoughts idly drifted back many years into the past. To a simpler time.


"Ah, so yer Mikh'a, huh?" he echoed quietly with a soft grin, turning his attentions back to the little tyke as he splayed himself out in restful slumber. Chachan knew the little guy couldn't answer, even if he had been awake. Still, he just couldn't help himself beyond keeping his tone down quiet enough to avoid interrupting Mikh'a's sleep. "Haldo, Lil' Mikh'a."


A familiar name brought him out of his baby reverie, though.


"Huh, Kage?" the youngest Gegenji queried as he turned around curiously, his hands still gently clasping the edges of the basket. "Oh. Hey. Kage, come look! Come look at th' baby."

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