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Greetings and salutations!

just Vic

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Greetings here! I´ve spent the last couple of days reading through the site and finally decided to take the plunge and try some RP for real, that being said I´m still fairly new to most of these stuff but would welcome any sort of feedback / advice / tips that you might have for me.


--MMORPG background

Geez... it has been quite some time since I played one, about 7 years I think? Used to try a few F2P titles from Aeria Games like DoMo or Grand Fantasia


--RP experience

Used to be in a small 5-7 ppl guild and did some light RPing but never on a "serious" scale (we rarely, if ever, used emotes) however I am more than willing to learn.


--Character ideas/info

Want to use a "support character" as in, rather than being in the spotlight it could represent more of a supporting role. As for the character itself I´m still writing him up: just got to read the RP guides and to be honest was quite intimidated, but also intrigued at the same time so I want to use as much reference material as possible (except from 1.0 because... er... reasons :P). Class wise I want to stick to either WHM or BOT and for the possibe plots I got an idea for a traveller of sorts by using the sightseeing log as the central focus: that way I could create stories around it as well as to have some way to track the progression and character development. Either that or do some sort of morality / philosophy / knowledge thing dealing with good and bad and stuff (having a good character with neutral tendencies or vice versa) although I think I´d leave that for later once I have more experience.


--How did you learn about the coalition?

Battled raging dragons, travelled scorching deserts, climbed the tallest mountains!!!...... and then just googled searched on RP guidelines and this came up.


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

Since I´m just beggining I´d rather start as a light one, although I wouldn´t mind changing to medium if it looks like I can handle it / get stuck somewhere in level progression.


--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

Kinda learning how to juggle both my new job and school schedules, but so far it seems it´s working well. I really like videogames and their narrative devices. I usually "devote" every December to a single RPG (Persona, Tales of, Diablo) so after playing a lot of Curtain Call on my 3DS decided to try FF XIV... and pretty much I´m love with it. Also like to read LOT (reason I got a smartphone was just to get the Kindle and Fanfiction.net reader apps to take em everywhere) because of that I´ve come to understand that anyone can have the potential to write an interesting story and I want to believe this can translate into RP as well (just my opinion though, feel free to correct me) 


One last thing, I´m in Famfrit right now so I dont know yet if I should move or create an alt but I guess that can be left for later.


so.... WELL MET!!!! :)


.... also any tips for possible ppl / Linkshellto RP with a newbie like me would be appreciated

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Welcome to the RPC! :)


I know nothing about your server and the RP populous there. Balmung and Gilgamesh have been my only RP ventures so far, but good luck none-the-less!


Warren. Calm down. You'll break them!

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YOU WILL NEVER GET ME ALIVE, MWAHAHAHA!!!!  -jumps off a window-


Btw quick question and slightly off topic: been lurking around the lore pages but haven´t seen anything regarding offspring from 2 different clans from the same race (ex: seeker of the sun + seeker of the moon) can anyone point me in the right directtion?


Also it seems Gilgamesh won´t let new characters due to the high population I think, is there a specific time / day of the week to try?

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but warren why do we need the Brooklyn basketball team?


* * *


Welcome to the RPC, where RP is made up and the points don't matter.


Well, it's also carefully planned and plotted, as well as improved to absolute hilarity. We do all sorts here at the Arr Pee Cee.


If you want a character on Balmung/Gilga, Gilga's the easiest but I've never been on there personally so I dunno of the community there. Balmung has been extremely hard to get onto as of late, but we expect the end of the holidays until January 20th to change that a bit. Even so, prior to Maintenance/Immediately Post-Maintenance are good times too.

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