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OH LS Bliss Haute Couture Fashion Show

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[align=center]Bliss Haute Couture Fashion Show[/align]



[align=center]((A stack of fliers sits neatly piled on the counter of the three Adventurer's Guilds))[/align]


When: 5th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon @ the Fifteenth Bell.


((Saturday February 12th

3 PM Eastern

12 PM/Noon Pacific

8 PM/20:00 London ))


Where: Gridania at the Mih Khetto's Amphitheater.



Hosted by: Outer Heaven's Arcadia Pillar, Seraphine Winter


Description: From velveteen robes to chainmail, come show off your favorite fashion at the Bliss Haute Couture Show! Each participant must bring one outfit to wear and display in front of our panel of judges and the audience. Style, originality, and self-expression will be the focus as models compete for a 300,000 gil prize. There will also be a 50,000 gil prize for the second place winner and the third place will receive 25,000 gil. Please leave your name with your local adventurer's guild should you wish to enter. If the allure of quality clothing alludes you, members of the general public are welcome to sit in the audience and offer their support to their favorite models.



OOC Notes


Yes. It's for real gil. The kind you can actually spend.


I'm sorry for the short notice of this event and for holding it so close to the date auction. This is part of Outer Heaven's linkshell storyline and since we're fairly new we're trying to get our plot moving a bit. The choice was either to have it now or leave everyone from the RPC out, and I personally like including everyone. Again, I'm sorry for the inconvenience and much love to Alona for working with this schedule :love:


There is storyline to this event so I'd like to ask everyone who comes to be on their best behavior and participate when needed. Hopefully this will be fun and entertaining for all!




1. Be respectful at all times!

2. You may wear any outfit you choose, complete with accessories. Any visible underclothing will result in instant disqualification:

3. Storyline is planned for this event. If you choose to participate in the hunting activity you must bring battle attire and be prepared to follow your party leader's instructions. This event includes characters from level 11-50 so please do not say you are too low level to help!

4. No cheating! After the event begins the Markets will be off limits to participants.


Leave your name to sign up to participate! Thank you and hope to see you there :cheer:

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The date auction was a big success and again I'd like to thank everyone who participated. However, I think the RP community could use a bit of a breather between huge events. I know a lot of our LS's have events and I'd like to give our linkshells some time to themselves as well. With this in mind, the fashion show is now being held on March 5th @ 4:30pm EST/9:30pm GMT. Also, with how much the RPC has grown, I'll be saving the storyline for another time and just focusing on the show. The location will most likely be changing in the next few days as well since the stage can only accommodate so many characters in the area.

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I'll work very hard to get to 11 then because this is so Nana's thing. She's looking to make it big in fashion (being the diva Fashionista she is) so she wouldn't miss this. The only thing is what time is this in Pacific? I ask since I generally can't get on until about 8PM Pacific on Saturdays.

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Ashelynd walks into the Limsa Adventurer's guild and notices the stack of fliers. She picks one up and tilts her head, reading. Her eyes are instantly drawn to the prizes.


"Three hundred thousand!? Well gosh I don't have much style but what have I got to lose!"


She leaves her name in clean penmanship.

Ashelynd Blacke

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Meanders in after Ashelynd with his satchel packed with all of his trinkets and sentimental treasures. After she leaves he walks up to the same pile of flyers to see what the reaction was for...


"Fashion Show, huh?" He looks to his canvas bag and then back to the flyer "I suppose I can make time for this.... should be fun."


Folding up the flier and placing it in the front pocket of his leather leggings, he hefts the canvas bag up over his shoulder and reserves a room at the Inn for the last time for a very long time.

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(As much as I would like to attend as my new Miqote, I feel there is a large amount of Miqote already running around the RP scene so I have decided to stay with Ciara for now. I would love to sign up and attend, Ive loved your previous engagements~ I look forward to saturday and im glad I didnt miss it)


Wiping the sweat from her brow Ciara walks into the guild looking for anything new. Noticing a few scattered fliers she peers down to read. "A fashion show, eh?" Looking down at her home-made tattered sheepskin outfit she lets out a groan. "Guess I should get shopping.."

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A lot of people were unable to sign up for this due to a forum issue, but the show is now back on and will be held at the stage. Sadly there is no real way around the fact only a certain number of people can load in a given area so we'll have to deal with it somehow :/



Miyu Asuka



Remilia Levana

Ravirr Shiga

Mabayui Asayake

Valina Devuri

Seraphine - Tie breaker vote only

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This event is today at 4:30 PM (EST), 1:30 PM (PST), and 9:30 PM (GMT). There are numerous different times posted both on this thread, the calendar, and other LS forums that differ drastically from the actual official time. Just thought I'd bump this for Sera to inform those of the real start time.

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Grats to the winners (and condolences to those who had to suffer the wrath of the judges)! 3rd place went to Amalthea Ghoulheart. 2nd Place went to Rynn Limley. And the grand prize went to Kyri Saggita, Eorzea's new top model! A few pictures have been uploaded to the RPC gallery. Feel free to add any more you may have.



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