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New... ish?


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Hello, all!


I'm not really new to RP in general but I'm fairly new to MMO RP, but I've been on Balmung a couple of months or so and I'm enjoying it so far. I have a Miqo'te conjurer named Yehn Mhakara, Keeper of the Moon, training to become a white mage. I'm still working on all of her backstory stuff, of course, but I tend to do better thinking as I go along.


I did edit my search info that walk-ups and such are welcome, but I'm still too nervous to do it myself, haha.



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Hello and welcome! It's okay, eventually, you'll find that you'll manage even with all the nervousness and such. Just keep an eye out for opportunities like at the Quicksand in Ul'dath and then just utilize that 20 seconds of insane bravery~ ...Or just ask through PM if its alright to join/to start an rp... There's that too X3


"May the path in the light of the crystal" be filled with many memories and experiences!

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It may seem a little rude but walking up to others is welcomed by most in my experience. Some have listed a preference for /tell first and that is fine to. I agree, Ul'dah is full of RP most of the time.


Lyrik isn't full Miqo'te but is looking to learn more about Keepers. She doesn't come across them as much as Seeker it seems.

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