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Hellllo o/

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Hello there everyone! I just joined the Balmung Server about3 days ago in hopes of FINALLY getting deep into the RP scene! I did come to Balmung once , but found myself having to leave so outta the blue that I basically just had to drop everything and disappear from Eorzea all together.  This time though, i am happy to say that I am here to stay :].



When it comes to my RP history, I like to think I have quitea bit even though I can always learn something new. I role-played on some different sites for about...7 years I want to say? I also role-played in some other MMOS such as Phantasy Star Online and Empires online as well. I loved to role-play because it just seemed to get you more involved with the world and all of its lore. I like to think of it as opening your eyes even more to the world you are in. :]



As for my style of role-play, I am pretty quick to involveanything and everything in my back stories. By this I mean that I usually use actual experiences I have had in the game as a foundation on which to build my Character's story on (While making sure to change names in order to respects other's privacy :P...that or I ask if I can use their names heh.) So yes...I wanted to make sure to keep my introduction brief  (Cuz I am hungry T^T )and just say I am really looking forward to meet you all in the world of Eorzea! I made sure to make a wiki for my character, which I will be changing over time of course! Sorry if it looks messy... >.< Still need that pic:






It is great to finally be a part of the Role-play community and if ever any of you need help or just wanna chat, hit me up on Balmung :]!

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