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Hey, Hydaelyn (every time I read this word it's in that drawn out old Louisoix voice from the cinematic) Roleplayers Coalition. I've been lurking around the server now for about 16 levels on two War professions but I played for a couple of months on another server at ARR/re-launch. I've tried RPing in a couple of different MMOs briefly and I've always wanted to try it in FFXI/now FFXIV, a game with very rich writing and lore. Still need to break myself of being far too timid to RP.


Ridiculously impressed with what I've seen so far, especially the housing neighborhoods. Only disappointments are that the neighborhoods themselves seem like ghost towns and that the low-level areas are near-empty, I'm guessing because the server is nearly perpetually population-locked.


I wouldn't even bother with the introductory thread (again, too sheepish) except I do have a few questions. Before I left the game, I could swear yell chat was absolutely bustling, at least in hubs and cities, mostly with trade offers, recruitment and people looking for pick up groups/members. Along with my old server (even in Mor Dhona) and this new one, this does not seem to be the case any longer.

What am I missing? Is there a magical floating city in the sky somewhere that all of the veterans have moved on to? Has everyone politely moved into various public linkshells?


My other question, besides "what's the cover charge/drink minimum for the magical floating city" would be what linkshells I should look into? I know, there's a section dedicated to it, and I have been browsing it, but any input would be welcome. As to what kind, certainly the must-haves (guessing they don't actually exist) that might have replaced all of the yell-chat spam, and any populous ones fit for a fledgling RPer playing a friendly but suspicious self-titled knight.


I appreciate any help in advance. Obligatory Final Fantasy emote.:tonberry:

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Hello there! Glad you could join us! If you're looking for role play, you'll find Ul'dah has no shortage, although I've found it in most most the main cities. Likewise, there is a list of linkshells up in the menu above and the link shell subforum! 



Hope you find that useful. 




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Guessing from the time you are posting, you are from Europe as well. I would suggest checking out this Linkshell for European roleplayers.


Fairly new here myself, so I'm currently levelling here. I wouldn't seeking you out ingame to do perhaps some dungeon (unless I just realised, you transferred a character here) if not roleplay together in the future. And if non of the two apply, and you are just looking for some morning banters, feel free to PM me as well.


Sadly enough I cannot answer your questions all that well due to being new, but Uldah seems to be one of the mainhubs for roleplay.


Hopefully see you around!


Virella Douront

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Hello and welcome! You too?! I always think of that voice every time I think on that word.... X3


It may be dependent on the server you're in... But if you're in Gilgamesh or (especially) Balmung, try Ul'dath... particularly in the Quicksand... It's a mix of those veteran and new players in there.... As for those veteran players, they're probably at the end-game area... Which, I assure you, isn't a magical floating city.... But I assume that it'll take time to climb up to there unless you're really dedicated to the gaming >w<;


I've never tried too hard on looking into the linkshells... But, supposedly, the OOC one would be good or whatever was the one where they say that you can find connections for RPs...


Hope any of this helps and I do hope you enjoy your time in the world of Eorzea~


"May the path in the light of the crystal" be filled with many memories and experiences!

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Hello there, welcome to Balmung! :D The housing areas aren't so empty if you find the estates of the larger FC's in the evenings. As for linkshells, I recommend The Tavern, Open RP, Friends of Momodi, and Help my Quest--all of which I think have pages here under the linkshell tab which I recommend browsing until you find something that suits you! Also, I'm glad to chat or role-play anytime; feel free to say hello sometime in-game!

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