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Battlebots Returning!

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I watched that and robot wars. I liked robot wars a little better because it had lister from red dwarf in it. But they were both a lot of fun. I liked "Vlad the Impaler" the forklift bot.


Ah, Robot Wars.  Those were some great times.  How about when Cassius nearly flipped Sir Killalot on his side?  Who then got flipped over by Killalot in a later round only to do that famous somersault with it's flipper and continue to compete.


Battlesbots was amazing too, can't wait to see what happens. Speaking of Vlad, how about it's later incarnation Vladiator and the rivalry it had between Diesector.  Like when it overthrew Diesector in season 3 only to lose the rematch in Season 5 before Battlebots went off the air!





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