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Male Keeper looking for MRP connections

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Looking for group or individuals to RP with, either lazing about or running quests, fates, and dungeons. Even if you're just looking for someone to run early dungeons with, feel free to reply. May also be looking for a 'romance' in game for my character, but that depends. Anyone interested please send tell in game or feel free to message me. Also you'll usually find my keeper in the Quicksand in the later hours.

Have fun everyone!


If you're curious here's his page ><


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Isky would be up for hanging out and doing whatever. If you got adventures or want to head to dungeons, she'll charge right in. As for romance, you'd be hard pressed. Bad experiences and all have made her fancy other women. But she'll be ecstatic to meet someone new and have adventures or just hand around.


Just look for Iskander Ionius in game. :)

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I may not be down for the M in "MRP" depending what you mean by it, but I'm happy to RP anytime and have enough characters that we could make something work, be it a friendship, alliance, or rivalry!

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