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Fuji's Post Valentine's Date Auction


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"Valentine's Day is officially done, did all you couple's have a good time? What about all you single people out there? 


I am hosting an event for all you single folk an opportunity at a date. All it takes is a quick hand and enough money. Yes, I will be hosting a date auction for all you single men and women out there who were either shunned on Valentine's Day or split ways with you significant other, or whatever scenario occurred."



-This is only an auction only for the participants time, what occurs during the date is up to the discretion of the buyer and participant.

-Real gil used during the exchange.

-One buyer per participant.



-Date & time: Saturday February 21st at 4p Central time

-Host: Fujimoto Kaito 

-Location: on the Beach in The Mist, Ward 4 Subdivision.


If you have any questions you can contact Fuji anytime from now till Saturday after 9p Central Via Tell.


We are still currently looking for participants to take part in the Auction.


*Any gender or race allowed. Comment your Race, IGN, Gender a a little bit about your character.


"Whether you are looking for a good time or just wanna enjoy the show, we look forward to having you."


-Fujimoto Kaito

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If I might ask, what exactly are the gil proceeds going toward?

Forgot to mention that, a percentage of the final bid made on a participant will go to the that participant. Say one girl was bought for 1mil gil, if we went 50/50, still working on that part, she would get 500k of it. The remaining gil of all of them will be going towards a LG plot for RP purposes with the OOC RP LS I habe and for the occasional events and parties some of pur LS members do. All RP.

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I'm willing to participate, but I'd have to go near the beginning, as I have an FC meeting at 7PM EST that evening. :)


Name: Faye Covington

Race: Hyur Midlander

Gender: Female


Faye Covington is a Midlander noblewoman originally hailing from the Shroud. Eloquent, elegant, and ever ambitious, she is a refined and motivated woman who will let nothing stand in the way of her goals. The fair lady typically polite and pleasant, first impressions ranging from "demure" to "intimidating," and she has an almost manic fondness for tea. A link to her full wiki can be found in my signature.

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[align=center]Date Auction Submission


Name: Vaerimont Lectoroix

Race/Clan: Elezen, Duskwight

Age: 20 Summers

Height: 6 fulms 5 ilm

Weight: 173 ponze

Occupation: Sellsword


Vaerimont Lectoroix, a lifelong resident of the Black Shroud, makes his living as a sellsword and freelance apothecary. Often spending his time within the Shroud either looking for work or hunting game for his next meal, he speaks eloquently and rarely looses his sense of composure. He enjoys pleasant conversation over tea and is indiscriminate as to whom he doles out his charm. He is a very skilled hunter, tracker and survivalist despite his blindness. He is completely without sight, but never fails to see the beauty within others. 


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[align=center]Name: Frost Jaeger


[align=center]Race: Hyur Highlander[/align]

[align=center]Gender: Female[/align]

[align=center]Age: 27[/align]


[align=center]Short bio: Frost is an Ala Mhigan refugee who can typically be found working the mines outside Ul'dah. Despite her intimidating 6 fulms of height and 135 ponze of honed monk-muscle, her personality is one of shyness, extreme politeness, and quiet contemplation. She strives to maintain a cheery attitude at all times and enjoys visiting La Noscea to watch the sea from the rolling hills of the plains.[/align]

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I wasn't able to particapate in the other date auction.. So have a Femroe! Everyone wants to pay the big bucks for a femroe. :P


Name: Rhyllona Mohtfystwyn

Race: Roegadyn, Sea wolf

Gender: Female


Rhyllona is a scholar, uncovering the mysterious of Civiliations past and also the bottom of pint glass. She's brash, Loves "The Arts" and may or may not have a bit of a smoking problem. Rhyllona's ready for some new adventures!

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Name: C'shomu Nuhn[/align]

[align=center]Race: Miqo'te; Seeker of the Sun[/align]

[align=center]Gender: Male[/align]

[align=center]Age: 22[/align]


[align=center]Short bio: Shomu is a Miqo'te who is not entirely native to Eorzea, having arrived shortly after the Calamity after his clan was attacked.  He can often be found either In Ul'dah, learning magic from the Thamaturge's Guild, or in Limsa, learning magic from the Arcanist's Guild.  More often then not, depending on the person, he can be either shy, or very outgoing.  He may carry the Nuhn title, but he doesn't necessarily show the traits of your typical Nunh.  He enjoys simple things, and would be happy with either gender for his date.


(please send me a tell in game cause i have a few questions.  I can be found on Jethas, Jia'khan, Ryuuza, or Shomu.)[/align]

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Val would need to go near the beginning for the same reasons as Faye! FC meeting!






Name: Val Nunh

Race: Miqo'te (Seeker) 

Gender: Male


Information: Val is brash, cocky, and downright rude to most people he meets, but this doesn't mean he necessarily dislikes them. He just likes to test their patience and see how far he can push them before they inevitably snap. When someone manages to gain his trust and companionship, they'll find a loyal friend that will stop at nothing to ensure they are happy and safe. He's also rather mischievous and known for causing trouble, especially when his significant other isn't around and he knows he can get away with it.


He isn't very intelligent, at least where books are concerned. He can't read or write (at least not well), but he at least has some common sense. He excels in combat and combat tactics in order to make up for his lack in social graces. Speaking of social graces, he's incredibly homophobic, so females would probably have a better time at a "date" with him than males, and he's not looking for anything sexual as he is more than loyal to his betrothed.

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