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Hello fellow Roleplayers!


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MostlyAwol here (don't ask!)


A friend got me into this game because of the role-playing he saw. So here I am. I've played many MMOs but only roleplayed in a few of them. I would say I'm past newbie into somewhat experienced roleplayer. I'm totally new to FFXIV and well basically know nothing of the world or its lore but I am learning it quickly. Regardless I do know how to create a character and I will try to keep things lore friendly.


So you all know I tend to be one of those quiet people who need to be pulled into the mess. I will try to involve myself but at times I do find it difficult. Its a cycle thing so bare with me. :) 


I will see you in the game as Katsuni Blacke, in the mean time I will be reading the forums.

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Hellos and welcomies to the RPC!! :bouncy:


The forums and the people here on the forums are all super helpful, friendly and nice, so look around and ask questions! (Forums can be friendly and nice?)


If you see a C'eleni Meztli online, feel free to RP! :)


Also, shy? No worries, we'll fix that up. 


Warren!! Warren!! Get over here, Warren!!

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Welcome, and huzzah for joining us all!


It can definitely be a touch difficult to start getting yourself into things (speaking from current, shy-person experience), but I would take the advice that a lot of folks seem to give and just jump right in!  Everyone in the community is extremely welcoming, and will be sure to help you along the way.


Hoping to see you in game!

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