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Question regarding Elementals, WHM, and Voidtouching


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I've been meaning to ask for a while because I've never really seen this touched up on in game or anything, so I want to know the effects for my character.


As most people know, K'aworu is a conjurer/healer and a hearer. However, he's also become voidtouched in more recent times.


So straight to the point: I wanted to know if him being voidtouched effects his connection with the elementals? I remember being told before that stuff like using the white magic for evil will cause them to cut you off, forsake you. (this was a long long while ago, not sure of validity)


Like, will they forsake him until he's healthy? Will he have greenswrath until he's healthy? etc. etc.


Thank you for you time.

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I can't be certain but I would think being Voidtouched would have an effect on his healing abilities. Maybe not cut him off completely but severely weaken his abilities? It's my understanding that the Elementals and the Void are at complete odds with one another, so I guess it depends on which influence is stronger?


Again, all speculation on my part.

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Thank you. I've been speculating the same thing, but haven't touched heavily in actual RP for fear of like breaking the lore somewhere. 


He's been trying to learn thaumaturgy (with a favoring towards ice) and I know that will effect his aether as it is. So I've been trying to figure out the conjury side of things to see if it does the same, all that jazz.


Thank you for replying.

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Well, again, I can't claim to be an expert on it *switches on Sounsyy-signal* but from what I understand Conjury uses aether gleaned from the Elements while Thaumaturgy uses one's own personal aether well, so I don't think they would interact much? It's also my understanding that Thaumaturgy doesn't actually have much to do with the Void; that's a common misconception due to Thaumaturgy's ties to Black Magic, and the brothers in the Ossuary don't do much to help it.

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Gotcha! No worries. I wasn't entirely basing his little story on the BLM quests (though I do use them as leverage that my plans are possible because they happen in said quests. Some people still try to shoot this idea down, idek)


But yeah, basically I just wanna make sure i'm playing him right regarding this. Sort of like...


If the Elementals were to cut him off, then he'd be left to heal using his own aether, which he's using for thaumaturgy too. That sort of thing.


I guess also the greenswrath bit is important to know too. Once you have it, everything in the shroud wants to beat your ass doesn't it? (My last experience was this was 1.0, not sure if it comes up in 2.0 or not)

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Admittedly I don't know much about the greenwrath, but yeah, that's my basic understanding of it. The greenwrath is basically the Elementals' way of branding you as being a detriment to the forest, so once you have it anything and everything wants you very, very dead. So I suppose being branded with the greenwrath after being voidtouched is a distinct possibility, especially with him being a hearer.

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Well, considering one of the Hearers never becomes involved with the Void in game, we don't really have lore that would point one way or the other on this aspect.


What I can say is that, unlike White Magic, Conjury is not lorded over by Elementals. Conjury was taught to Man by Moogles as a way to commune with nature. Man was then able to hear the Elementals, as They are the lifeforce of that nature. But they cannot stop us from drawing upon their lifeforce just as they could not stop the Black Mages from doing so in the War of the Magi. Conjury is actually used against Elementals and corrupted Sprites several times throughout 1.0 and 2.0.


So if your character became enthralled by the Void, would they stop hearing the Elementals? Yes, probably, your character would likely start hearing the call of the Void instead. But mechanically, it shouldn't affect your ability to draw from the aether in nature. Your slide into Thaumaturgy, on the other hand, might because of the two magicks being near polar opposites mechanically. One using an organic staff to draw from nature, the other using an enchanted gemstone to focus one's aether within themselves, which got discussed a bit in this thread.


Would dealing with the Void incur Greenwrath? Most likely! One of the major points of 2.0's CNJ storyline was that Voidsent were corrupting the forest and creating corrupted earth and wind sprites. If your character was Voidtouched, you might also begin causing the Wood to become corrupted, incurring Woodsin as you walked along. This Woodsin would likely culminate enough so that the forest and its denizens would attack you and try to silence your sin before you incurred Greenwrath, which is committing an act so damning that an Elemental decides to awaken and deal with the threat Him/Herself.


Again, would this hinder your ability to draw aether from nature around you. I would say no, but a cool thing you could play with, is that every time you do draw from nature, you start to corrupt it. Which might compel you to begin practicing Thaumaturgy in earnest, so that you can heal without using the aether around you, instead using only your own. Not risking further corruption.


Hope this helps! ^^; Sorry it's mostly speculation!

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Since it's not really an actual lore point in game, I'm gonna run with what your post has Sounssy. I really love the information. :D


I also love the suggestion about corrupting whenever using conjury.


Thank you so much for this, it's definitely opened up some windows and inspiration for K'aworu.

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