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Fortune Telling at Soliloquy


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What: Fortune Telling and Bar Night at Soliloquy

When: Monday, March 2nd from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. EST For local time please check http://www.worldtimebuddy.com

Where: Soliloquy Tavern located in Ward 4, Plot 41 of Lavender Beds


Are you curious about your future? Uncertain? Maybe a little anxious? Concerned about the path you're on? Consult Madam Iskierka Stormspeaker, the Masked Witch of Thanalan! Gain insight to yourself and your future!


Are you suffering from some magical malady? An aetheric ailment? Has some Amal'jaa sorceror turned your best friend into a toad?! Madam Iskierka can help you!


Come see Madam Iskierka and awaken to your inner truth! Bar and entertainment courtesy of Xenedra Ambreaus and the fine folks at Soliloquy!




So I couldn't help but notice how popular the fortune telling at the Althyk event was, and how people seemed interested in having their IC fotunes told. So I figured I'd set up an event where Iskierka could provide some more of those, and be able to spend more time with people. If this turns out popular, it could become a weekly thing.

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Very nice to have a weeknight event!


Got to see Iskierka (eeee Iskiberry!) give fortunes once before, quick ones bless her heart for the crowd, and it was as great to watch.


Even if your character isn't interested in getting their own, it's great to listen to others.:lol:

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Everyone, thank you, thank you, thank you. The turnout and reception to this event was amazing. I hope you all enjoyed it. I tried to get to as many of you as possible, and if I missed you, or couldn't get to you, please contact me and we can work out a time for your reading.


Thanks to Xenedra for hosting and having to manage a lot more chaos than I think either of us expected. I will be much more organized next time around now that I have an idea of what to expect. I'm going to use a word document as a sign up sheet and ask that people send me a tell after emoting signing up on the sheet.

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The scientific skeptic in me says it's because Tarot cards actually have a wide meaning of interpretations, and can be vague enough that you can make pretty much any interpretation you wish, and you can generally get by on telling people what they want to hear. Knowing how to do that is more about reading people than it is about cards, or tea leaves, or runes.



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Had a wonderful time listening to fortunes and interacting with everyone who showed up!


Xenedra's house was really cute and creative and set up to entertain.


I tried to get a screenshot of the fortune-telling spot, but I missed the stars floating out.


Nathan and Oscare did the most silly song, but it was awesome and made all the girls giggle. Woah Woah~


Iskiberry is awesome and wise! Thank you again for hosting. As usual she was in high demand. :lol:



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