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Hello ^^


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So after joining the lovely Balmung server, a friend told me about this site and I'm so psyched! So hello! My name is Nat, I've been RPing for about 5-6 years. I just started Roleplaying on Balmung yesterday (hoorah) and so far it's amazing. I'm planning on making a second character soon ^^


I don't have too much to say other than my obsession with black Mages and Cactuars haha, but I'm a fun person! I try my best to prevent my character from being too much of a Mary Sue so do tell me if there's something like that popping up.


Well I can do a quick one sentence description of my character.


I have Kanata so far, A mage who has been alive since the dawn of time, growing sick and tired of immortality, and starting to feel the dire consequences of depression and just plain being tired about living.


And then I'll introduce a (so far nameless) young (and I mean like a 5-7 year old) Lalafell who has started to grasp on his magik skills.

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Interesting concepts so far! I hope they work out better than you could have hoped for them ^^


In any case, welcome to the forums and community as a whole! if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to ask them either here or create a topic regarding it if needs be ~

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Thank you very much for the welcome ^^


Yeah I should've transferred my other character from Zalera to remove the fact I look like a noob lol. I'll be sure to look out!


... Sounds a lot like me. Main on Zalera who I actually still plan on transferring over at some point. Made a completely new character on Balmung to get into the RPs. My main recommendation is to abuse the EXP from MSQ and abuse it hard. Also, skip cutscenes like crazy!


... Also, there's absolutely nothing wrong with liking Cactuars. :cactuar:

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